Friday, October 4, 2013



I am fully aware of the fact that what I had anticipated to be a couple months worth of a hiatus, a sabbatical of sorts, has turned into just over a year of silence.

I didn't give much warning, and for that I'm sorry.

I'm not even entirely sure what to write right now, but I have decided,

If I don't start somewhere,
I won't start anywhere.

I typically struggle when people have things going on in their lives, and they share just enough to get the curiosity-juices flowing, yet, remain cryptic enough to keep you almost completely in the dark...

...yet I find myself in that very predicament.

Feeling a need to "share", yet finding it very difficult to say a word.

I absolutely despise the thought of being inauthentic, though I'm unsure of how much authenticity to spill out... yet silence just isn't working for me anymore.

A balancing act of sorts I suppose.

This last year of my life has been a complete roller coaster, to say the least, and though I'm still unsure of when and where I'll be getting off this ride and planting my feet back on solid ground, I'm determined to focus on anything and everything I have that is good in this life. These are definitely the things I'd like to share, starting back into the blogging-swing once again.


God is good. Always has been, and ALWAYS will be. Period.

I have 4 beautiful and amazing kiddos who are the continual light of my life. They are growing at a rate causing me to consider the purchase of a brick for placement atop of each of their gorgeous little heads.

I am beginning to smith once again and BOY does it feel good. I am planning on re-opening the etsy shop within the next week or so and I am saying that here and now as a point of accountability. I have some new goodies lined up (as well as some still in my brain, to be materialized soon) and it's just a matter of photographing and getting listing info squared away.

I appreciate each and every one of you who have checked in with me from time to time and haven't disappeared, despite by having disappeared a bit myself.

Here we go.

Let's do this.

Happily regardless,