Monday, September 24, 2012

The day of my birth...

Monday, September 24th, @ 11:47am = the very moment I turned 32 years old.

Little man and I were out to lunch with my dad and I snapped this screen-shot immediately after my mom called to sing me "Happy Birthday", just like she does at the exact same time on my birthday each and every single year...

...which was followed by a rather morbid conversation between my father and I as to what us kids are gonna do someday (waaay into the future of course) after mom heads to heaven and can no longer call us. We ultimately decided that part of our inheritance will have to be allocated towards mom making a recording and paying a "to be determined" third party to see that the 4 of us get our birthday calls forever more. 

On a much lighter note, morbid conversations aside, today has been pretty spectacular thus far and has included but not been limited to...

- Sleeping in with Little Man while Mr. G got the Little Women up and going for the day
- Lunch with Papa and Little Man
- Cards from each of my kiddos
- FREE birthday latte (pumpkin of COURSE)
- Mailbox surprise
- Birthday serenades from Mama, as well as a lunchroom full of kiddos I love
- Texts and messages from some of my nearest and dearest
- Surprise plans for later that I'm still trying to figure out
- Birthday dessert waiting for me in my fridge

I've never been one to care too much about age (after all, it's just a number right??) but so far, 32 feels pretty darn great. 

Happily and celebratorily,

PS Little Man even made me a little something. He's so thoughtful and generous...

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Hollie said...

Happy birthday to you! Both my mom and my grandma still sing to me each year. I love it!