Tuesday, September 11, 2012


(clears throat nervously)... h-hello?

Is anybody here?

Oh HEY!!!! Long time no see!..

...er, type? 

ehh... read? 

Aw nuts. You know what I mean. 

Sooo, it turns out that when you tell yourself: "Self, we seem to have a lot on our plate as of late. I think we should take ourselves a little hiatus, what say you about that?"

And your self replies: "Why yes, self, that sounds like a FINE idea..."

...Perhaps, be sure to discuss the full terms of the aforementioned hiatus with your self as to ensure that said hiatus does not end up stretching out over the course of an ENTIRE YEAR!!!

Holy buckets people, it has been a while and OH the things that have happened during the last

1 year
2 weeks
3 days

Most notably, the growth of our family by one tiny adorable Little Man...

...who's actually not so "little" anymore!

Now that the Little Man has a slightly more reliable napping schedule, and the Little Women have started back up at school...

...I intend on stretching my wings and dipping my toes once again into the waters of regularly scheduled metal-smithing sessions and interwebular communications VERY soon :)

So, I said to myself, "Self! It's good to be back!"

And I couldn't help but agree. 




Hollie said...

Woohoo, you're back! Congratulations on the new not so little one, he is adorable. My fingers have been wanting to brandish one of your amazing creations, I am very excited!

EmeliaRo said...

Thank you Miss Hollie! Your finger shall be brandishing something lovely soon indeed!! :)

Lisa said...

Yay!! So glad you are back! Congratulations on you little man. He's absolutely adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Your family is gorgeous and while I have missed you on Etsy - wow what greater reason than them.. Don't blame ya honey..:) Please le me know when you begin creating and selling again.. xoxoxo Luzy
"LolaluzandJens on Etsy"