Monday, May 9, 2011

To Do Today...

Today's To Do list...

- Get kiddos up and off to school
- Help Mama with some things after dropping kiddos off
- Schedule wisdom teeth removal (aarg.)
- Water Peony bushes
- Eat bagel (sad that I have to schedule this in...)
- Shower (ALSO sad I have to schedule this in...)
- Pick up sister and go take down brother's art show (10 paintings, 3 x 5 ft each, wrapped, stacked, and safely transported)
- Pick up kiddos from school
- Check and respond to emails/interwebular messages
- Fold laundry
- Make supper, eat if I have time
- Attend Niece's school spring program
- Make a game plan for jewelry to be created tomorrow
- Get kiddos ready for and put to bed
- Spend a few minutes with Mr. G (if he isn't asleep already)
- Fall into bed

Ahhhh the life of a domestic Goddess...

Please try your very hardest not to be jealous.