Thursday, April 7, 2011

Going thru...

God will never allow you to go thru more than you can handle.

Unfortunately I am becoming more familiar with this once again.

Mr. G's grandmother fell and broke her hip last week. She had hip-replacment surgery and seemed to be recovering nicely. We visited her last Friday evening and she was awake and alert, and able to chat back and forth with us like normal (complaining about the possibility of her things being moved around while she was in the hospital and flirting with her young male nurse). She ended up needing several units of blood and sometime between Friday night and Sunday morning she took a turn for the worse as the blood was all pooling in her stomach.

Monday morning Mr.G called to tell me that my very dear friend Nikki as well as her husband Phillip and their 5 year old daughter Raegan were in a car accident the night before involving their minivan, a deer, and an 18-wheeler. Mom and dad are fine besides some bumps and bruises but little Raegan took the brunt of the crash. With much prayer and the hand of God, Raegan is "out of the woods" now, but as her fractures are all primarily in her upper and lower jaw, she has had to have her jaw wired shut.

God's hand is already so evident in so many aspects of what was otherwise such a tragic event (from the trained EMT that just happened to be driving by as the accident occurred who was able to give immediate assistance, to the miraculous fusing of Raegan's upper jaw from one CT scan to the next) but it is still something no one should ever have to endure, much less, a little one.

The updates from Nikki continue to get better and better so there is MUCH excitement on that front!

But unfortunately, despite initial expectations that Mr. G's grandma would make a full recovery, we received the call this morning that she had passed away.

Life is but a vapor.

And a gift.

Please don't waste a single second.