Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ok ya'll...

I don't even know why I said "ya'll".

I'm not Southern.

I'm not even from Southern Iowa.



So... I've been-a-hemming-and-a-hawing (again with the southern thing) over whether or not to apply once again to our local art festival.

The deadline is March 31st.

I've known this for a while.

But again with the hemming and hawing.





Being turned down once already was apparently more of a blow than I had anticipated.

But, as someone lovingly mentioned to me the other day when I was feeling a bit sorry for myself: "Keep at it! You know you won't be there if you don't apply!"

Thank you Mrs. Nelson :)


After taking a ton of pics...

Then hating the pics...

Then taking a ton more pics...

...only to realize that my memory card was not in my camera...

Then putting the memory card back and taking and editing a ton more pics...

I narrowed it down from 257 to the 3 I needed.

Posted them.

Paid my application fee.

And now I wait.

Happily, anxiously, counting down the days,

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