Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deep thoughts with Emily...

So... I've been thinking lots of deep thoughts lately.

You know, like, pondering the worlds problems...

Brainstorming solutions...

Mulling over everything from the feasibility of time travel, to weather or not it would be worth my while to hire someone just to do my laundry.

I covered many topics in-between, one of which I've considerably considered is:


I was raised to always say "thank you" when given something or when something was done for me, and those words have really become second nature to me.

But, I started thinking:

"I say 'thank you' so very often, but how very thankful am I REALLY at any given point in time?"

This started to bother me a little.

However, somehow I was able to put it out of my mind (to make room for other deep thoughts of course, a few of which I mentioned above).

But, I find it interesting how sometimes things pop into my head because I pop them there...

...and other times they pop into my head because I've got something that needs refining and the Big Guy upstairs is going to see to it that I do indeed get refined.

Case in point.

The topic of discussion at bible study the Thursday following my "random" thoughts on thankfulness?...


Ever since then I have been pondering something our study leader shared with us and I encourage you to ponder it a bit yourself...

"There is no neutral place between thankfulness and unthankfulness".

You are either one,
or the other.

I have so very many wonderful things in my life to be thankful for. Things that I don't deserve, but I have them none the less. And can it be that by simply taking those things for granted, and not actively purposing to cultivate a heart and a life of thankfulness, that I am instead actively unthankful?

That is in fact the conclusion I have drawn.

I have begun to realize after making a point to take note, that there are so many things in my life, about which my immediate reaction is to complain, rather than choosing to find the good in it, or even just shifting my focus to something I can gush over with thanksgiving.

God has done and continues to do so many amazing and wonderful things for me and I am no longer content to act as if I'm not grateful for each and every one.

A few of the things I'm gushing with Thankfulness today include but are not limited to...

1. COFFEE of course :)

2. Valentine roses that are still going strong over a week later...
3. Having the very best job in the world and being able to incorporate my faith into what I do...
4. The most amazing man on the face of the planet who loves me for me, and I am both thrilled and honored that I get to spend the rest of my life with him... even though most every photo I snap of him turns out looking something like this...
(and I love every one of those photos)
5. Three little women. Sigh...

Thankful for YOU,


RosyRevolver said...

I love you. I don't tell you that enough. You have a wonderful, *wonderful* life, and I'm honored to be a part of it.

Tyson Diddley said...

Deep thought:
How do you justify that

"There is no neutral place between thankfulness and unthankfulness.
You are either one,or the other."

is not a false dichotomy?

EmeliaRo said...

JJ: I feel exactly the same way about you :)

Tyson: Leave it to you to take things to a whole new level of technicality. :)