Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh the things you overhear at a 1st-3rd grade soccer practice...

I wouldn't necessarily consider our family to be a "sportsy" one (ok, I'm quite sure I'll be getting some guff from my father who was fairly athletic back in the day so I should probably clarify that "my children and I" are not typically very "sportsy"... I may have mentioned this here once before but my parents told me in recent years that it actually pained them to watch me play sports when I was young. Thanks guys.) but one thing we do enjoy is soccer (or "football" depending on where you live). My brother Matt played soccer from kindergarden all the way thru his full ride college soccer scholarship. There aren't many sports that watching them will hold my attention, but soccer is definitely one of them... or perhaps even the only one...

The little women are still relatively young to be involved in too many things. I know far too many families who have their 3 year olds in 7 different activities from swimming to ballet to tae-kwon-do and beyond. If that works for them then kudos. As for us, life is too crazy as it is not to be more picky and choosy about what we do and don't do.

Most of our team...
(Lillie is at the far left and Isabel is front and center)

THAT being said, one thing we DO do is soccer, of which I have the pleasure of sitting along the sidelines during practices and get to listen in on all of the interesting things that come out of the mouths of the little 6 - 9 year olds on the team... they include but are not limited to the following...

1. I have a loose tooth!
1b. Me TOO!

2. I am DYING of boredom out here.

3. I can do a back flip! Wanna see?
3b. No.

4. OW, my neck keeps popping.

5. This is boring.

6. Has God ever lied?
6b. No, and neither has Abraham Lincoln.

7. There's a red ant on you. (insert scream)

8. My sister dug her nails into my skin right here.

9. OOOOW! I think my ankle is broken!!!
9b. (about 2 minutes later) Ok, I'm fine.

10. In the future there are flying cars.

11. The only way to turn into a vampire is if a vampire bites you (girl listening rolls her eyes)


VERY informative to say the least.


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the_storie_goes_on said...

soccer is the only sport worth watching..!! its the ONLY sport i ever played in school. its probably the only one i know how to really play. :)
i love the conversations.. haha.. at least your not one of those crazy sports momma's who get more mad at the game than the players.. lol..