Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Did you feel like comin' across a sale today? Ya? Well, then, you're in luck!...

So I was looking thru my etsy expired listings as well as my jewelry inventory and I realized something. I still have several pieces hanging around that have been here since the beginning of time... well, the beginning of my time smithing that is.

Several of those pieces have just been sitting, many of them re-listed in the shop several times, and I've decided it's time to clean house. Gotta make room for the new you know :)

(Drumroll please...) PRESENTING...

The EmeliaRo Last Chance Sale!!!

Yep, you heard right. LAST CHANCE sale.

Basically what this entails is that several of the items that have been around since I started my smithing career have been re-listed in my shop for HALF their original listing price.

Come sale or listing expiration these pieces will never be seen again... unless of course you purchase one, in which case you have the rest of your life to stare at it, day after day until the end of time :)

To check out what's available, just hop over to my shop and click the "LAST CHANCE SALE" category tab to the left of the screen.

While you're shopping, I'm gonna go get myself some supper, grab my sketchbook, and start pullin' some of the fresh new ideas out of my brain and put them down on paper.

Hopefully I'll be mailing something(s) your way soon!


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