Monday, September 27, 2010

New things...

I have made something. Well, somethings to be exact, though there is one that is not yet spoken for.

I don't want to say that I am headed in an entirely new direction with regard to my smithing, but rather, broadening my horizons.

As far as the "world of creating" is concerned, there are several things that I love. Many I do on a regular basis, others not so much, but I have noticed that the 2 areas that I feel hold much of my desire and energies are metalwork and photography.

Due to the nature of what I do (etsy shop/blog/etc) I have found a pretty great way to be able to do both, though the desire to take it a step further was always there. The incorporation of photography into jewelry has been a quest of mine for a while now. After much thinking about what the best way to accomplish it would be, I'm thrilled to announce that I can check "figure out how to incorporate photography into jewelry" off my "to do" list.

It all started with this piece I made for someone very near and dear to my heart. Sweet baby face...

I was holding my breath, hoping and praying it would turn out right. In hindsight, experimentation on something so meaningful was probably not the best of ideas, but, after the it came out just how I had hoped it would, I decided that I am officially in love with this new way of creating.

This is the second photo piece I created and I'd like to offer it to you...

This necklace features an original flower and bumblebee photograph with a quote by Georgia O'Keefe stamped on the back. In a sea of cheesy "flowery" flower quotes, I was thrilled to have found this one. :)

WARNING: Drastic change in subject...

Though it's been in the works for several weeks now, it has been rather last-minutely decided (would I have it any other way?!) that tomorrow will be the day that I get my new laptop!

Though I am DELIRIOUSLY excited, it's almost a bit of a bittersweet thought.

Bitter because the laptop I am currently using was my very first ever Mac, and I think a little part of me shall miss it a bit (though the next one and every other computer I will ever buy will most definitely be of the Apple persuasion and I'm quite sure it will take me 12.7 seconds flat to get over any feelings of loss over the original computer).

Sweet because my "old" laptop is going to my baby brother who actually PAID me for it! Like FOR REAL! REAL money that he earned at his very own job! He's all grown up now. Officially. Well... probably not actually all the way grown up because he still wears his hair "faux-hawk" style and still has my mom make him grilled cheese sandwiches... though I can't say I wouldn't do the same when it comes to mom's grilled cheese...

Bitter because the nearest Apple store to where I live is almost 2 hours away thus I have to make a trip there and back, leaving my computer for a few days for them to transfer everything over, to then go there and back to pick them up. Oy.

Sweet because I get to enjoy an impromptu road trip. Aw yeea.

ANYWHO... I really could have summed up all of the above by saying:

"Getting a new computer. Gonna be computerless till Thursday evening. That is all."

...but that isn't very interesting now is it???

I said all that to say that I am showing this piece to you now but I plan on listing it in my shop upon the return of technology to my home sometime Thursday evening.

Until then, I would like to leave you with this question...

What things that you are passionate about have you found a way to combine???


Thursday, September 23, 2010

2 decades, 364 days and counting...

Well, here I sit.

9:46 pm on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010.

I feel a little weird.

A little weird that I don't really feel weird.

Here I sit on the very last evening that I will ever be considered a "20 something".

As of late it seems when people find out I'm turning 30, their immediate reaction is to furrow their brow, cock their head to the side, place their hand on my shoulder and ask me:

"SOOO... how do you feel about that???"

The truth is, I feel pretty darn good.

Here I sit. Pondering over 3 decades of life. Some of it is just a blur, but blurry or otherwise, it's been an amazing ride thus far!

-I have been a first child/grandchild and eldest sister since the very beginning of time (the beginning of time for me that is).

-I have been a wife for 1/3 of my life and still more in love with my honey than ever before.

-I have been a mommy for 8 years... which just prompts me to imagine how things will be in another 8 years...

-Save for 2 years living out of state, I have belonged to the same amazing church ever since my parents started attending when I was 4 years old.

-I have been able to drive for nearly 1/2 my life.

-I lived far too much of my life before I ever discovered how delicious latte's are.

-I have been a business owner for nearly 6 years now but as for my passion for jewelry, if you count my single pair of needle nose pliers, several tubes of seed beads, and all the cheap jewelry I used to buy just to tear apart for "mixing and matching", that goes all the way back to elementary school.

So many other things to consider but it would take me eons to type it all out.

Here I sit.

Recalling memories, and making decisions,
for life
and for family
and for business
and for the future.

A little older.
A little wiser (I DO hope).
A LOT happier.
Life is good.

Officially the last photo taken of me in my 20s...

EXTREMELY happily and excitedly looking forward to the next 30 years,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh the things you overhear at a 1st-3rd grade soccer practice...

I wouldn't necessarily consider our family to be a "sportsy" one (ok, I'm quite sure I'll be getting some guff from my father who was fairly athletic back in the day so I should probably clarify that "my children and I" are not typically very "sportsy"... I may have mentioned this here once before but my parents told me in recent years that it actually pained them to watch me play sports when I was young. Thanks guys.) but one thing we do enjoy is soccer (or "football" depending on where you live). My brother Matt played soccer from kindergarden all the way thru his full ride college soccer scholarship. There aren't many sports that watching them will hold my attention, but soccer is definitely one of them... or perhaps even the only one...

The little women are still relatively young to be involved in too many things. I know far too many families who have their 3 year olds in 7 different activities from swimming to ballet to tae-kwon-do and beyond. If that works for them then kudos. As for us, life is too crazy as it is not to be more picky and choosy about what we do and don't do.

Most of our team...
(Lillie is at the far left and Isabel is front and center)

THAT being said, one thing we DO do is soccer, of which I have the pleasure of sitting along the sidelines during practices and get to listen in on all of the interesting things that come out of the mouths of the little 6 - 9 year olds on the team... they include but are not limited to the following...

1. I have a loose tooth!
1b. Me TOO!

2. I am DYING of boredom out here.

3. I can do a back flip! Wanna see?
3b. No.

4. OW, my neck keeps popping.

5. This is boring.

6. Has God ever lied?
6b. No, and neither has Abraham Lincoln.

7. There's a red ant on you. (insert scream)

8. My sister dug her nails into my skin right here.

9. OOOOW! I think my ankle is broken!!!
9b. (about 2 minutes later) Ok, I'm fine.

10. In the future there are flying cars.

11. The only way to turn into a vampire is if a vampire bites you (girl listening rolls her eyes)


VERY informative to say the least.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... but please do allow me a few words...

Today was quite a day.

Pretty amazing.

Exciting for me, but not me alone...

Today my baby started preschool...

Big sisters were so proud...

Little friends were anxious but excited...

Sophie was all smiles...

It is official. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 8-11 am, I am a free woman.

Upon hearing this, some people have been prompted to say things like:

"Well well WELL, isn't it time
you had ANOTHER one???"


"Now that your baby is in school,
wouldn't you like to have another one to
fill the void???"

Oy vey people. Let me have my day.

Happily looking forward to Friday morning at 8:00,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Did you feel like comin' across a sale today? Ya? Well, then, you're in luck!...

So I was looking thru my etsy expired listings as well as my jewelry inventory and I realized something. I still have several pieces hanging around that have been here since the beginning of time... well, the beginning of my time smithing that is.

Several of those pieces have just been sitting, many of them re-listed in the shop several times, and I've decided it's time to clean house. Gotta make room for the new you know :)

(Drumroll please...) PRESENTING...

The EmeliaRo Last Chance Sale!!!

Yep, you heard right. LAST CHANCE sale.

Basically what this entails is that several of the items that have been around since I started my smithing career have been re-listed in my shop for HALF their original listing price.

Come sale or listing expiration these pieces will never be seen again... unless of course you purchase one, in which case you have the rest of your life to stare at it, day after day until the end of time :)

To check out what's available, just hop over to my shop and click the "LAST CHANCE SALE" category tab to the left of the screen.

While you're shopping, I'm gonna go get myself some supper, grab my sketchbook, and start pullin' some of the fresh new ideas out of my brain and put them down on paper.

Hopefully I'll be mailing something(s) your way soon!