Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Peek at my Pad Thursday... bathroom facelift...

Typically I tend to decorate things a certain way and if I like it that way, it stays that way until one day, seemingly out of nowhere, I am fully and utterly tired of it and it needs to change.

This moment came for me and the main floor bathroom (the bathroom primarily used by the little women) a few weeks ago.

Backing up a bit, I must admit, I have a bit of a problem (I suppose it would fall into the "hoarding" category of disorders but I'll let you be the judge of that). Whenever I visit my local hobby/art supply store, I immediately make a bee line for the clearance section and proceed to buy up all the broken, damaged, ugly picture frames with the mindset that "there's virtually nothing a can of spray paint can't fix". I then bring the frames home, stack them up in the back of my closet, some of which never to be seen or heard from again.

WELL... in an effort, not to kick my habit, but rather, re-direct it in a more positive, creative, PRODUCTIVE direction, I dragged all my frames out (19 to be exact) and after accessing their sizes, immediately hopped on etsy for a few new prints.

The following are a few pics from the newly spruced up loo...

Little women...
(these frames used to be black with gold crowns
stamped all over them - $2.50 a piece on clearance)

This is 1 of 3 prints I purchased from this etsy shop and I could not have been more pleased! This one in particular is one I'm thrilled that my little women get to look at frequently.
(This frame was quite beat up, scratched, and missing the glass - $1)

Oh yes I did...

This is another print from this gal and as soon as I saw it in her shop, I knew I needed it. Another good life lesson.
(This frame was originally white but had a bunch of scuffs and marks on it. $4)

A shot including a paper plate face Isabel made and insisted I hang up somewhere...

More pad peeks to come that will include more bargain frames and the gorgeous art that fills them!

Happy Thursday!


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elliott said...

nice work girl!! doesn't that feel good??!..
i love the prints!!..i'm itchin' to get some prints too..i may just have to frequent this shop!!!
love the yellow, white and reds!!