Saturday, August 14, 2010

Memories of the fondest nature...

My dad is a mower.

... well, not exactly an actual "lawn mower" but someone who takes great pleasure in pushing one around.

My dad has made his career working for our local power plant but his area of study in college was "park and golf course management". To this day, mowing a lawn is something that actually brings him JOY and anytime he drives by a property that is unkept, his first thought is "Man I'd love to clean up that yard".

For as long as I can remember, he has kept himself occupied in his "free time" during the summer months with a small business where he would (and still continues to) mow the yards of elderly ladies for next to nothing.

Sometimes he would get $10 for a yard. Other times he'd get a glass of lemonade and a sandwich.

Thinking back over my childhood, some of my fondest summer-time memories are those from when my siblings and I would go with my dad on what we considered to be "mowing adventures".

We got to know what each person's yard was like and got excited when certain yards would come up on the schedule (ie: "oh YA! So-and-so's yard has that HUGE old tree that is a perfect place for hiding out under!" or "So and so always lets us come inside and play with her stash of toys from when she was a little girl").

Sometimes we'd go along and other times not, but inevidebly, a few times each summer, dad would come home with a garbage can and a surprise.

At the bottom of the can would be a thin layer of grass, just enough to provide a hiding place for the baby bunnies that he would come across while he was out that day.

Sometimes they'd be teensie weensie, other times, lanky adolescents, almost too quick to catch.

They would live in the garbage can in the kitchen (sometimes requiring a window screen across the top so they couldn't jump out the top), munching on dandelion stems and relaxing for a bit until they were ready to be returned to nature.

The other day I was thinking back over childhood summers and more specifically the visits from those fuzzy little hoppers. Not 2 days later I get a call from my dad...

"Are the girls home? I have something I want to show them..."



Jenny said...

I have some of those same memories when I was younger as my dad also mowed during the summer. When we got in Jr. High, we were part of the mowing crew - getting paid! I don't think he brought home any creatures - we didn't have any pets. I'm sure those mowing days were just the beginning of your dad's mowing career!

Love, Aunt Jenny

Michele said...

Those are the cutest things that I have ever seen!