Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day, Daughter's Birthday, Children's program, etc...

Oh geez.

Life has definitely been getting in the way of my blogging lately.

My father (who can barely make or receive a cell phone call, yet can and does surf youtube like a champ, covering the widest, most random variety of search terms including such searches as: JFK conspiracy theory video, Amy Whinehouse Rehab, Acapella National Anthem, Kanye West Gold Digger, and, Texas Hippie Coalition) so kindly pointed out that I have been delinquent.

"You know, you haven't been writin' much on that smelty blogger thingie lately. You should write more so there's something there for me to read when I go check it".

Here you go dad - something for you to read the next time you check that smelty blogger thingie...

I realized all too late that I didn't even take time to acknowledge a few major happenings around here as of late, one of which was Mother's Day. Whether it's actually Mother's Day or not, I know I need to make a point of giving a shout out to the best mama on the whole planet: mine.

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I have almost NO photos of my mom, much less any pics of her and I together since either one or both of us are usually the ones behind the camera. I had to resort to cropping one of the photos taken at Christmas time. I vow from now on to make a point of snapping pics of mama more often :)

I love you so very much and in addition to the amazing mother you've always been to me, I am so thankful to the close friend you've become.
You are my biggest fan and a solid rock and at the risk of gettin' all mushy, I think I'll just leave it at that (maybe just re-read the card I gave you) ;) I love you Mama :)

Another big day that I skipped over blog-wise, was the 8th birthday of my eldest little woman. Yes, you heard me right. Miss Lillie Jane is 8 YEARS OLD. She has taken much pleasure in reminding me repeatedly that in only 2 short years she'll be 10, requiring the use of all of her fingers to show people her age. Also, she's exactly half way to that magic age where she'll be d-d-driiiving!!! (stuttering and voice shaking for emphasis).

Lillie with her birthday haul at her family party
Party with friends at the YMCA
Mr. G and I discussed it, and, since she was all excited about her birthday this year, we went ahead and let her turn 8, but, after this, no more. She will be remaining 8 years old forever, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLIE BUG! Hope you enjoyed it since you won't be allowed to get any older. :)

Yet another event worth mentioning was Miss Isabel's Kindergarden Graduation as well as the spring program for the little women's school that my mom, sister, and I organized (Preschool thru 12th grade).

"Isabel the toothless" lookin all grown up, and makin' me proud :)

The show went off nearly without a hitch last night and the kids all did such a good job! It was so much fun but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad its over :)

Other things keeping me busy, including but not limited to: planting bushes, smithing silver (hard at work on custom order), hanging out with the hubby any chance I get (he too has been CRAZY busy as of late), dealing with stuff (the use of the word "stuff" being sufficient to cover a whole CRAP TON of things that I shall not delve into at the moment), etc.

Still waiting to hear back about the art festival I applied for. I was supposed to have heard back last Wednesday. When I heard nothing, I hopped on the website to confirm my unacceptance, only to see that the notification date was actually the 15th (last Saturday) and not the 12th like I had originally thought. I waited all day Saturday and yet again, when I heard nothing, I assumed I hadn't made the cut. This afternoon I received an email stating that jurying had to be extended by a week due to one of the judges having to go out of town and that they'd have it all squared away by the end of this week.

Apparently they don't realize the power they hold over the hopes and emotions of this little silver smith as I had wondered if I had made it, then adjusted my thinking to the idea that I hadn't made it, only to then hold out hope that maybe I still would make it, to then assume I actually hadn't made it, and then now, wondering yet again and waiting till the end of this week to see if I actually will make it.


I'll be sure to notify you once I actually hear for sure either way.

Ok. Gotta go figure out some grub for the fam and do some dishes. My favorite. NOT. Well grub really is my favorite but I was actually referring to the dishes. But I suppose to actually qualify as "favorite" it would have to be some very specific grub... like pasta with pesto, or chicken fajitas.

Hey EM! Ramble much??!!?

Oh geez.


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the_storie_goes_on said...

your program was amazing!!!

Happy Birthday Lillie since i had put it in my phone as a reminder and i didnt get reminded..:( but i told her wednesday.. your girls are getting so big.. sigh**

and you definately take after your mother when it comes to being an extraordinary mother.. !!
just saying;D