Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out on the town...

This photo was taken earlier this evening, before Isabel knew where she would be going...

You see, like most little girls, my 3 little women, along with their cousin, have a strong affinity (or what some may even deem as much as an "obsession") with the Disney Princesses. They love them all but they each have one that they are particularly gaga about.

Lillie: "Ariel" - they have the "red hair" connection and, come on, mermaids are just plain cool.

Isabel: "Belle" - they practically share a name and they both have brown hair.

Cousin Tennaiah: "Cinderella" - both blonde and her dress is T's very most favorite color, blue.

Sophie: "Sleeping Beauty". The chick has a pink dress. What more is there to say.

Now, knowing each girl's favored princess, I was QUITE excited to say the least when I heard that the broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast" was coming to town...

Being the kiddo that sometimes tends to get the short end of the stick (Not old/big enough to do some things like Lillie and not the baby like Sophie) My mom decided to take Isabel out on a very special date, just the 2 of them.

Isabel didn't have a clue where she was going till they arrived at the theatre and shortly thereafter I received a text informing me just how much toothless-smiling and giggling was happening as soon as she got a look at the playbill :)

It's actually particularly neat for me that Isabel is getting to see that show as it was actually one that I attended on Broadway during a Choir trip to New York City my Sophomore year of high school. That was 12 years ago and that show still sticks out in my mind as nothing short of spectacular.

She'll be home soon and I am positive I'll get a play by play of the whole thing, interspersed with the biggest toothless grins imaginable.


PS She had been BEGGING me to let her wear my flower pin in her hair and when I told her she'd finally be wearing it tonight, she KNEW she was headed somewhere fancy :)


Desiree Fawn said...

Oh gosh, I saw Beauty & The Beast when I was in grade four and it was amazing!

Two Bees said...

What fun!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Isabel sure does look pretty!