Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photographic proof and an invitation...

Yes my friends, I know what you're thinking.

You are quite sure by now that I have been sitting at home, eating bon-bons and watching Judge Judy all day for quite some time now.

Well, I actually have some photographic proof that I have indeed been working on my craft! :)

I have been quite the busy bee working on catching up on custom orders and the following collage includes snippets of a few of them...


Some down, more to go.

I also wanted to let you know that if you happen to be in the Siouxland area (or will be this coming weekend) please consider coming to the Benefit Supper and Silent Auction we're holding for a dear friend of ours, Mr. Adam Way. Adam has BEATEN Leukemia (which if I told you the whole story, you would quickly realize was nothing short of a MIRACLE!) but as you may expect, he has racked up a considerable amount of medical bills. Several local artists (myself included) as well as local businesses have donated art pieces, goods, services, etc, all available for bidding. All proceeds from the dinner as well as the auction will go to the Way family.

Here are the details...

Adam Way Benefit and Silent Auction

Saturday, March 27th 4:00 - 7:00 p.m at the South Sioux City Middle School

If the above boxes of my photo collage were numbered left to right in each row, piece #3 and piece #8, along with 3 other pieces are what I have donated to the cause.

My brother Matt who is a PHENOMENAL large scale religious art painter has donated the following 2 paintings...

"EXODUS 14:14 #1"
(1 ft. x 3 ft.)
(18 in. x 3 ft. )

Also, another incredibly talented artist friend of ours, Sean Conrad is donating one of his stunning landscape paintings...

"Summer at Lochvale"
(It is a 12x16 Oil on Linen and would sell in a gallery for $950.00 - I believe there's a minimum bid of $200 or $250 for the piece (The painting is in a gold frame in this photo, we ended up deciding on a rustic wood frame which is what it will be sold in). Don't miss your opportunity to support a great cause and purchase a piece of fine art for your home or business. All proceeds go to the benefit).

These are just a couple examples of the awesome stuff you'll be seeing on Saturday!

Ok. Gotta go get the little women from school soon and then try to work on a few more goodies before church tonight!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out on the town...

This photo was taken earlier this evening, before Isabel knew where she would be going...

You see, like most little girls, my 3 little women, along with their cousin, have a strong affinity (or what some may even deem as much as an "obsession") with the Disney Princesses. They love them all but they each have one that they are particularly gaga about.

Lillie: "Ariel" - they have the "red hair" connection and, come on, mermaids are just plain cool.

Isabel: "Belle" - they practically share a name and they both have brown hair.

Cousin Tennaiah: "Cinderella" - both blonde and her dress is T's very most favorite color, blue.

Sophie: "Sleeping Beauty". The chick has a pink dress. What more is there to say.

Now, knowing each girl's favored princess, I was QUITE excited to say the least when I heard that the broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast" was coming to town...

Being the kiddo that sometimes tends to get the short end of the stick (Not old/big enough to do some things like Lillie and not the baby like Sophie) My mom decided to take Isabel out on a very special date, just the 2 of them.

Isabel didn't have a clue where she was going till they arrived at the theatre and shortly thereafter I received a text informing me just how much toothless-smiling and giggling was happening as soon as she got a look at the playbill :)

It's actually particularly neat for me that Isabel is getting to see that show as it was actually one that I attended on Broadway during a Choir trip to New York City my Sophomore year of high school. That was 12 years ago and that show still sticks out in my mind as nothing short of spectacular.

She'll be home soon and I am positive I'll get a play by play of the whole thing, interspersed with the biggest toothless grins imaginable.


PS She had been BEGGING me to let her wear my flower pin in her hair and when I told her she'd finally be wearing it tonight, she KNEW she was headed somewhere fancy :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

When a squeeze tube of lipgloss falls into the wrong hands...

...we end up needing to take a bath...

(beacause of the pattern on her shirt, it's hard to see just how much of it was splattered on her shirt. And yes, of course there was a good portion of it in her hair).

Lipgloss privileges have officially been revoked.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Contemplation. Decision. Application. Anticipation...

For any of you who live around these parts, or have heard me regale the tales of a couple of "jewelry shows gone bad", you know that this part of the country just isn't exactly what I would call "responsive" to the handmade arts, EXCEPT, over Labor Day weekend, when we all slather on the sunscreen and break out the strollers to head down to the riverfront for "Artsplash".
I have been going to Artsplash for several years now and year after year I am in awe of the pool of talent that is on display. From ceramics, to photography, to acrylic paintings, to jewelry...
In fact, it was at Artsplash over Labor Day weekend 2003 that I decided that silver smithing was the avenue down which I would take my creative interests.
I had first discovered my love of metal and stone while in High School, but it wasn't long after graduation that I talked myself out of it, all but convincing myself that after I was out of school, all the tools and means for me to pursue my love would be out of my reach.
I started my "life"
I pursued another love
got married
moved across the country
had a baby
moved back home
went to artsplash...
...and then, an "old flame" was ignited...
I distinctly remember walking up to one of the booths, behind it was a young woman, not much older than me at the time.
I looked at her, looked over her work, and looked at her again, and I was in awe.
Her work was so beautiful.
It was fun.
It was quirky.
It was familiar.
I remember grabbing Mr. G's arm as he was pushing the stroller. I leaned over (as to be careful the artisan wouldn't hear) and I said to him...
"You know, if I had all the right tools, I think I could do this!"
Since he knows me better than anyone else on the planet, his initial response, though not exactly what I wanted to hear, was exactly what I needed to hear...
"You think so? That would be really great! But, why don't you just think about it for a while and if you're still interested in a few months from now, we'll talk about it again".
Fair enough.
The more time that went by, the more excited I became with the prospect of becoming a metal smith, and needless to say, the rest is history.
I said all this to say, ever since I started metal smithing, it has been a "dream" of mine (I hate to over fantasize it but calling it a "goal" sounded a little too starchy) to have my very own booth at Artsplash.
I let several years go by, easily talking myself out of going for it because "I wasn't good enough yet" and "they probably wouldn't accept me anyway" or "I'm just too busy".
Well, this is the year folks.
No more excuses.
I'm not sure if I'm good enough.
I'm not sure if they will accept me.
And I'm not sure I won't be busy...
...but I sent my application today.
3 individual pics of items representative of my work and one booth shot...
And now...
...I wait.