Monday, February 8, 2010

Give it away, give it away, give it away now...

Ok, so it's been cold around here lately.

Like, REALLY cold.

I'm thinking since warming my fingers and toes seems to be out of the question for the time being, I'd like to do a little something that'll at least warm my heart.

(collective "awwww")

Well, as cheesy as that may have been, what better thing to give away than a piece of your heart right?...

...or rather a heart-shaped piece of metal?

(you see where I'm goin with this...)

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I think it only fitting to give one of these away...

If you would be interested in tossing your name into the mix for a chance to have your very own "Sittin in a Tree" necklace here's what I'd like you to do...

I am always so interested to hear about the "love stories" of other people, so, in the comment section, please briefly share one of the following...

"Your BEST Valentine's Day ever"


"Your WORST Valentine's Day ever"

The winner will ultimately be chosen at random from those who leave their Valentine's Day comment and comments will close Saturday, Feb. 13th @ midnight CST) with the winner to be announced on Valentine's Day! (Fine print at the very bottom*)

I can't wait to hear your stories and I suppose it's only fair I start things off with a few stories of my own...


-WORST Valentines Day ever...

My worst Valentine's Day ever would have to be the year that I asked Mr. G what he was gonna plan for us to do for Valentine's Day and he said probably nothing because (and I paraphrase)

"We're already married. We already have each other. That's just a holiday where single guys try to impress the girls they like. Can't we just go out for the heck of it? Celebrating ON Valentine's day is just too expected".

Needless to say, once I explained to him that it didn't matter what HE thought about it and that it was just something I needed him to make a big deal about, he's done quite well ever since. :)

-BEST Valentine's Day ever...

9 month old Lillie at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the evening.
A couple of very nice and heartfelt cards.
Some GORGEOUS roses.
Fancy Italian restaurant.
Oysters on the half shell for the first time.
9 months later, Isabel was born.
(PS anyone who tells you you can't get pregnant while you're nursing is a LIAR.)

Sorry, that was really probably too much information... keep your comments G-rated people!

Alrighty folks, let's hear it!!!...

Blushing a bit,

*Aforementioned "fine print"...

I posted this picture as an example but the winning necklace doesn't necessarily have to include the same exact details. I'll be in contact with the winner to discuss the details.

In case the person who wins this necklace doesn't have someone they're "Sittin in a Tree" with, I can certainly stamp an alternate phrase.

I love Starbucks.

And dark chocolate.

But not oysters.

EDIT to the fine print:

Any "Anonymous" commenters must include their first name with their comment as a way of knowing who they are! :)

Also, no matter how many times you comment, only one entry per person will be included for the drawing.



Stephanie said...

All of my Valentine's Days since Jared and I were Jared and I have been wonderful...I haven't had a bad one (at least that I can remember). But I would say that the best one was almost 5 years ago. We were living between Omaha and Des Moines and we celebrated with the kids in Des Moines since we didn't think we would be able to go out alone. Then when we got home, a friend of mine offered to take the kids and we went to my favorite restaurant...just me and my honey!

Anonymous said...

Worst Valentine's Day ever: 1st Valentine's Day post-wedding bliss. Chris is in Egypt on his first deployment. We talked on the phone at some point during that week and I spoke of how I sent him a card to mark the occasion. He spoke of his plans of sending me a card as well; only to receive the card in June when he got back home.

Michele said...

Don't post anonymous stories!
You can't win if you do that.

Tyson Diddley said...

lol...I can't wait for Isabel to grow up and read this...thanks Internet.

reconstructing sarah said...

THIS valentine's day is going to be the best! do you remember that convo i sent with the questions in it a week or so ago? contains the reason for choosing this valentine's day! :)

Crystal Ann said...

The BEST valentines day ever for me was last year. My fiance and I live 6 hours apart so it's very hard being away on such a romantic holiday, especially when Tyson sends Shannon flowers all the time. I had decided to travel to Milwaukee to see my now fiance, then boyfriend, who had something special planned for us to do that weekend. I first off hate surprises, so not knowing what he had planned just killed me. We got all dressed up and he treated me to a luxurious dinner at a Brazilian Churrascaria Restaurant before taking me to the Milwaukee ballet. He was such a trooper sitting through the ballet and the night overall meant so much to me!

Vita said...

Best Valentine's Day for me (I've never really had a worst) was 11 years ago (hola, I cannot believe it was that long ago!!) during the first few months of dating my now-hubby, he gave me a gold heart locket for Valentine's...and I don't know why but I knew then that he was the one for me. :)

Kelli Pierce said...

the "anonymous" comment was from Kelli - but she couldn't figure out how to do things correctly cuz she's NOT very technologically advanced! :)
So - in case she can't get it figured out again - this post will be from "Anonymous" but just assume it's me again - Kelli (uber babe)

Elaine said...

Having fun reading the Valentine's day posts! Here's mine- my parents were married on Valentine's day, so it has always been an extra special day in my family. Knowing this, my hubby (then boyfriend), made the day extra special by taking me away for the weekend and giving me 11 roses. After pointing out that 1 rose was missing, he pulled out the 12th, which was my engagement ring (design was in the shape of a rose) and proposed.

indigorhino said...

I reunited with my third grade boyfriend 35 years later on Valentine's Day in New Orleans. Needless to say, it was love at "second sight." We've been together for nearly 12 years. He brought me roses then and he buys me JEWELRY now, not typical jewelry, but bold, beautiful things. He knows my taste and he knows me and that's the best VD gift ever.

Erin said...

Hmmm. I don't have a lot of stories, but I really wanted to enter the contest! :)
Worst: I'm teaching a class when one of my sophomore girls returns from the bathroom to tell me "there's some creepy guy lurking in the hallway." I went out to check on the situation. It's the boy I dated for 6 months my sophomore year in high school (and by this time I was close to 30) who had dropped by to bring me a Snoopy box of chocolates. I suppose this should be sweet (no pun intended) but good grief - the school's on lockdown and there's no way he should have been able to get in, let alone hang outside my classroom for some undetermined (but somewhat lenghty) time!
Best: Here's the cheese factor! This weekend I will spend Valentine's Day for the second year in a row with 150 high school kids on a bus. They're good kids who work hard and love what they do, which in turn makes it easier to love what I do...yes, even on Valentine's Day!
Side note to this lenghthy post: last year on the trip, one of our girls not only broke up with her boyfriend, but also spent the rest of the weekend holding hands with one of the basses. I suppose that should count as the worst Valentine's Day I lived through vicariously! :)

the_storie_goes_on said...

my worst valentines day was when i helped a nice number of friends plan their valentines for their special someones and i had noone.. wow doesnt that make you feel lonely.. :(

best: i have yet to have it.. but this is certainly the year... i ha have an 8 hour drive ahead of me... but it will be well worth it.. since mr sergio cant come here.. and he's stuck on base. heres to long hours on the road this weekend and all smiles when i get there!!!

p.s. your the silly one who believed that old wives tale... :)but thank goodness for miss isabel..

Sunny Rising Leather said...

My best valentine's day: my then-boyfriend (now husband!) asked me to stop by his apartment: he wasn't home but there was a maze made out of twine; a puzzle of sorts. It was hilarious and fun and when I got to the end there was a box of chocolates and when I opened the box they were half-eaten and tossed about already.... then I saw the note that said, "Just kidding!" and with his instructions found a box of Knipschildt chocolates that were perfect in every way.

What a happy day :)

So excited about your contest!!!!


EmeliaRo said...

Oh my word ladies (and Tyson), I cannot express how amazing you all are :) So many great stories so far!

Steph: Any day when you can go out without the kids constitutes a "good day" :)

Kelli: How fun to get a Valentine's card during the summer! (ok, maybe not fun).

Tyson: Thank you internet indeed.

Sarah: GIGGLE ;)

Crystal Ann: A MAN sitting thru a BALLET for you, and it was HIS IDEA??? HE is a keeper. :)

Vita: How wonderful is it to look back over those 11 years and feel like they've flown rather than dragged :) That's how we know we're with the perfect guys for us!!! (PS I wanna learn how to make a locket SO BAD).

Elaine: UGH! 11 roses and the one that's missing was your rose-shaped engagement ring!? (swoon). What a beautiful story! (and I'm sure a beautiful ring! I'd love to see it sometime!)

Janet: Oh WOW! That had to be one of those "meant to be" moments! How amazing! And perhaps equally amazing is that he gets you the kind of jewelry you love, and not just the stuff he *thinks* you'd love. (often guys have such different opinions on such things that we do).

Erin: creeepers. Oy VEY! I'm not sure what I would have done in that situation! I hat to think that my first reaction would probably have been laughter though :)
As for your "best" Valentines, it is people like you that this world needs to be teaching our kids. When a teacher loves what they do, the kids can't help but love to learn from them. Thank you for doing what you do!

Ana: I am so thankful that this Valentine's Day will be your best to date! Hopefully that 8 hr drive will FLY by!!!

Allison: That totally sounds like something my hubby would do. :) I actually googled "Knipschildt chocolates" as soon as I finished reading your comment and I'm quite sure I'll be ordering some soon :) (PS I'm excited too!!!)

Alice Istanbul said...

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day at my house because to us lovebirds "every day is Valentine's Day" (dawwwwww).

Ok - Best Valentine's Day was in 2005. It was our first year of marriage and were living in a teeny tiny apartment in the middle of Paris. Love, love, love, chocolate, and wine :)

EmeliaRo said...

I was WAITING for someone to say that Alice! hehe :) Every day is indeed a day for Love 'round these parts... though I have a sneaking suspicion that any guy that would say that to his lady is just trying to get out of dropping 50 bucks on a bouquet of roses ;)
And Paris! WOWZA! I would imagine that would be hard to top!

Jessie said...

Oh I love that necklace!!

BEST valentines day was my 1st with my fiance, he was so nervous, bought me a beautiful rose and a little somthin somethin from Victoria's Secret, cooked a fantastic meal and even made a apple PASTRY!! But was so nervous somehow slide it off the tray halfway through and it landed on the bottom of the oven. (He almost or possibly did cry) We ate it anyway, it was squished and delicious.

dimestore said...

When I was working as an intern in vet med, I was being courted by a colleague...but I was already seeing another fellow. I was on- call Valentine's eve which meant that I slept at the college and was up much of the night on emergency duty. On Valentine's morning, I showered and staggered down to the intern office and there was a card stuck on door with a thumbtack. The card was from my colleague and consisted of your typical sweet drivel - a Hallmark classic that said something sweet and asked if I would be his Valentine. And inside the card was a tiny, homemade, "lift the flap" flap... and under the flap was a Reglan tablet. Metoclopramide. An anti-emetic. For nausea and vomiting. I laughed my ass off.
Yeah. We have been married for what? 11 years now? The other guy? I don't even remember what he gave me that Valentine's day but he didn't stand a chance.

EStephany said...

My best Valentine's Day was in 2007. Chuck was working in Brookings, SD and he only came home on the weekends. Valentine's Day was on a Wednesday this particular year. But it was a good thing I didn't make plans, because to my complete surprise, later that night he came driving down the driveway. He brought me Starbucks and a whole lotta his love!

Amy said...

This Valentine's Day will be the best. My hubby and I in our first home together, nearly two years married. We appreciate the smallest things everyday. We plan to eat a nice homemade steak all while listening to our favorite toons by candlelight. No candy for me--dieting here!

I hope you and yours have a great one!

cindyh. said...

The best Valentine's Day with my husband was a few years ago when he suprised me with breakfast in bed! He doesn't cook often and I appreciated his attempt at making eggs and hashbrowns. On the breakfast tray was flowers, a new yummy smelling candle, and a new book that he thought I would enjoy. It was so sweet of him to pamper me like that!

Meredith said...

Okay, so I am going to post my WORST! My husband and I were going on our 2nd or 3rd date and we decided to go to the movies. Well we went not knowing what we wanted to see and ended up seeing Leaving Las Vegas. If you know anything about that movie you would know that it is the MOST depressing movie ever and not one that you would want to see on Valentines day. So afterwards we ended up going to get some dinner and we had some crazy waitress who took an hour to bring out our food and then when she did my burger was literally raw and my husband got something else that was utterly disgusting. At that point we were both cracking up! I guess we were really meant to be if there was another date after that one! ha ha! : )