Friday, January 8, 2010

Alive and well...

I'm sorry I've been blogging less than frequently as of late.

I received a rather sweet yet panicked message from a dear sweet friend (I love you elliott!) who was glad to have found out that I was still alive after not hearing from me since my last "tons of snow" blog post. After receiving said message, it hit me that I may very well have sent some others of you into a panic as well for which I am SO VERY SORRY!

Between needing to place a whopper of a silver supply order thus not being able to make much for the time being, coming off of the holidays, being snowed in with the kids who were coincidentally off from school, having slow and at times a patchy internet connection, and making the most of my time by systematically cleaning my way thru my entire house, blogging hasn't been at the top of my "to do" (or "can do") list.

I love you all and I promise that soon and very soon I'll be back in the regular swing of things, making goodies and showing them off like the proud mama-smither I am :)


PS The temperature is supposed to get down colder tonight than it has been in 90 years and if it goes 5ยบ lower than forecasted, it will break the ALL TIME low record for these parts!

1 comment:

elliott said...

you know my sweet em--if you really were to be snowed in..simply post that news up and i'll dig my way over to shovel you out pronto!!...
by the way--i think your new 'street' name should be,
"momma-smither"..i think that's what you ought to roll to!!
love and grande latte's to you!xxx