Monday, November 9, 2009

Show's over...

Well folks, the show's over and here is a bit of a rundown...

First of all, I want to take a moment and thank everyone who came out to support me and my work this past weekend! Whether you knew you were supporting me or not when you arrived on Friday or Saturday, it meant the world to me to see each and every one of you!

Secondly, if you happened to grab one of my cards at the show and have found my blog via that card, WELCOME!!! It is so great to have you here and please know that you are welcome 'round these parts ANY TIME!!! :)

And now for this weekend in review...

(That's my mama in the bottom right corner pic - I was SO glad she was able to come with me!)

- Overall, it didn't quite go as I was hoping/thinking it would but I still had a great time!

- Didn't sell too much but I now have plenty of stock with which to plump up my etsy shop!

- Gave out lots of business cards.

- Wowed several people who didn't realize I actually MADE everything MYSELF.

- Took 1 custom order.

- Had the privilege of watching the couple things I did sell go to VERY special women in my life.

- Had this conversation...

Me: "Hello!!!"

Lady: "Hello."

(lady quietly looks over everything on my table and picks up a necklace)

Lady: "How much is this?"

Me: "The prices are listed on the back of all the pieces"

Lady: (flips necklace over) "85?"

Me: "yes"

Lady: "DOLLARS?!!?!???"

Me: "...yep."

Lady: (raises her eyebrows as high as humanly possibly, sets necklace down, and walks away).

I am really glad I did this event, but, I'm also glad it's over.
(I'm pretty sure I would have felt this way even if I had completely sold out of everything I had taken with me).

You know, as I was getting everything made in preparation for this show, I kinda had this perpetual feeling like I just wasn't making enough. I really wanted to have a good amount of stuff to take with me and with each piece I finished I just kept thinking, "If this is the last piece I'm able to finish before Friday, I don't feel like it'll be enough"...

...till I gathered it all together to work on tagging everything, and I saw it.

All together.

In one place.

At one time.

It was actually a bit overwhelming.

4 bracelets.

7 brooches.

22 rings.

25 pairs of earrings.

35 necklaces.

I had a moment where I felt an immense amount of accomplishment.

Accomplishment and pride and satisfaction.

I MADE each of those pieces.

I took sheets of silver, stones, spools of wire and chain, and I turned them into beautiful things.

I didn't cut corners.

I didn't give less than my best.

Though it has many different facets, I feel like I really got to see a little glimpse of what "accomplishment" looks like for me.

I certainly have plenty of new goodies to show you and plan to do just that very soon but for now, I think I'm gonna go plop down on the couch. :)

Pics of now goods to come!...



The Noisy Plume: said...

...I'm on the phone with you right now...but I'm going to tell you I love you anyway. Right here. Right now.

susie said...

WOW- I cannot wait to see all of the amazing pieces you have been creating. I'm sorry not everyone had an appreciation for the blood, sweat, and tears that is your work.

reconstructing sarah said...

congratulations! i am pumped to see the photos of your work. and $85 sounds pretty reasonable to me :)

RosyRevolver said...

You go, sister. That is one amazing, amazing stash.

Rest your hands now. And your head.

Vita said...

CANNOT wait to see the beauties, Em!!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!! ;)

Michele said...

So many people are so used to cheap, mass produced jewelry that they simply don't understand the value of handcrafted silver jewelry but we do!

I can't wait for your shop updates!

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, Sioux City is not the right market for you. Sioux City does not appreciate you. You need to exhibit your beautiful jewelry in a metropolitan area. New Mexico (Taos) and Arizona would be perfect. At the Foutain Hills Great Fair and Gem Show I have seen handcrafted silver pieces go for a couple hundred or several hundred dollars. The handcrafted silver pieces at Hidden in the Hills (a small exclusive community of silversmiths in Care Free, AZ) can go for several thousands. Your prices are very reasonable. You need to consider your design, cost of materials, and your time in the price. Your jewelry is truly beautiful and art.

EmeliaRo said...

Ladies, I cannot thank you enough for your sweet words and amazing support! I love you all!!!

Michele said...

Jillian and Emily ... you two are a hoot! You talk on the phone AND read the other's blog at the same time? Do you have facebook open as well?!


EmeliaRo said...

Maybe we do... :)