Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Great Reveal...

(Make sure to read all the way to the end of this post to find out about a bit of a *DEAL I'm offering in order to kick off these new beauties with STYLE!)

I have been working on a design concept for quite some time now.

When it comes to jewelry (or clothing, or coffee flavorings, or a myriad of other things) I have always been a fan of mixing and matching.



As far as the particular concept I'm about to introduce to you, it actually started a few years ago when I made my first Mommy Tab necklace.

I wanted to give the piece a little something extra.

A punch of color...

...or a full-spectrum chromatic beat-down.

But I began to realize that not every lady is a fan of combining colors together the way that I would combine them.

This prompted the brain gears to start-a-turnin' to come up with a way to allow for bits of color to be either swapped out and worn individually, or to be worn in any imaginable color combo (ie: all at once, like I do).

The solution I ended up coming up with was to add an extra clasp at the front of the necklace to allow for maximum swappage, thus allowing the necklace to become a completely different piece nearly every time you wore it, depending on how you chose to accessorize it.

I made several Mommy Tab necklaces and decided this would be an interesting concept to take to the next level.

More embellishment.

More versatility.

More jangling.

More of a feast for the eyes.

More to indulge the senses.

"Sensory Overload" if you will...

...and that's exactly what I've decided to call these lovely ladies...

Introducing: the Sensory Overload necklace...

Lots of jingling and jangling.

Each piece comes with a stone pendant as well as a small charm accent, both of which are removable, and thus, interchangeable.

The chain length is fully adjustable from 16 to 22 inches and can be transformed into a completely different looking necklace depending on how you choose to "hook it up" (check out the pics below to see what I mean).

Only one full necklace need be purchased (unless you'd like more than one, I certainly won't be the one to stop you!) and then from there on out, individual pendants can be purchased to swap out with the original chain, and/or, additional sterling charms can be purchased to add to the family!

All loops are soldered shut and all beads are wrapped tight.

I mentioned at the start of this post that I'd be offering a bit of a deal for you and here it is...

*For whomever is the first to purchase one of my Sensory Overload necklaces from my etsy shop, I'll be throwing in a quote charm (using the quote of your choosing) for FREE!!! My treat as little "thank you" for being the very first (besides my mom and me) to snag one of these beauties!

ALSO, for the first 3 Sensory Overload necklaces that sell (including the first one), I'll be offering a 25% discount off the first additional charm/pendant/etc that you purchase for your piece!

Not counting the one I made for myself and the one my mother promptly snagged to go with her new blue sweater, I have 9 of these beauties ready and waiting to be listed with many more in my brain, just waiting to be translated into reality.

The above pieces are the first 4 that I'll be popping into my shop this coming Monday (Nov. 16th at some point before noon CST) so plan to be there if you'd like to be the quote-winning gal!

Also, here are a couple rings that I'll be listing as soon as I'm finished with this post!

Still more to come... I am SOOO just gettin' started... :)


EDIT: Congrats Miss Lisa B. for being the first snagger of one of these necklaces and winner of the quote charm! (as well as a discount off your next pendant purchase!) I can't wait to hear what you want your pendant to say!!!


susie said...

I am amazed at all of the details, words, color, textures. I like a little orange with my turquoise and some jingle with my jangle. The thought and work put into each piece is clearly evident. Off to get a better look, enjoy your Sunday.

Vita said...

Wowsers!! Great idea Em!! LOVE those necklaces!! Hmmm...choices, choices! ;)