Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goods at a glance...

Here are several of my new pieces that were not featured the last time I teased you like this...

(that was sinister laughter in case you couldn't tell...)

I'll be showing some closer, more "all encompassing" shots of these guys as I get prepared to list them.

Oh hey! Remember that Bumble Bee necklace I made a while back? Well, I have another installment in what I can only describe as a bit of a "creature series" and I can't wait to show you!




"furry tail"


"apparently unable to stop from helping himself to the bag of stale candy corn I threw out about a week ago, making quite a mess at that"

I think I'll show him off tomorrow for "Wordless Wednesday".

Soon and very soon friends! It has been so fun going through all my treasures and preparing to show them off to you but it has certainly been a time-consuming process. I hope it'll all be worth the wait!!!



KKreates said...

OK, still waiting, your killin me!
Beautiful stuff, can't wait til ya show the other half....
Come on, don't be shy...

Michele said...

Is that little frog that I see peeking above a stone?

Is he on a ring? A brooch?