Monday, November 23, 2009

Conversations with a preschooler...

I had the privilege of being the fill-in preschool teacher at my kiddos school today. I don't actually have a preschooler this year but I couldn't resist sharing this conversation with you...

(they had just finished watching a little video about Thankfulness)...

Me: "Ok kiddos, can anyone raise their hand and tell me something you are thankful for???"

Girl 1: (waving her arm wildly) "I'm thank you for my little sister and my princess dress"

Me: "Oh wow, that's a good one! Anyone else?"

Boy 1: "I'm thank fo my piwate ship. It's not a weal one, just a toy but I weeeally like it."

Me: "That sounds really cool! Who's next?"

Boy 2: "I'm thankful for my brother and my sisters and my mom and my dad and my horses, and my car, and my puppies, but we have too many dogs so I couldn't have another puppy".

Me: "Oh no! I'm sorry, but at least you have some dogs right???"

Boy 2: "ya."

Me: "Ok, anybody else wanna share something they are thankful for?

Boy 3: "lasterday my brother threw up on his chair."

Me: "...O...K... anyone else???"

I'm still laughing...


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the_storie_goes_on said...

i cant say id be thankful for throw up but heu every man for themselves... haha im thankful for that incredible nummy blueberry pie the other day.. o yea and for you convincing me i needed a big plate.. haha