Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amidst all the hubbub...

...another little woman had a birthday!

Make no mistake, we definitely celebrated. I just didn't get a chance to blog on her big day (since it was day 2 of my event weekend and I was stuck behind a table all day).

SO... here's to my little "mini-me".

(I cannot explain how very accurately each of these pictures perfectly
describes certain aspects of this girl's personality without uttering a single word...)

Now you're 6 little lady! Gone are the days of answering people's question of
"how old are you?"
by using the fingers on only 1 hand.

May the time between now and having to use both hands (PLUS removing both socks and shoes and still coming up short) last forever. :)

I could hug you 50 times a day for the rest of your life, and you'd still want more - and I love that about you :)

Never lose your ability to create endless clothing combinations - the wilder the better - paired with the lack of concern for what anyone else in this world thinks about it.

You are prone to mild anxiety if we aren't able to get our "secret kiss" in before bedtime (think "secret handshake" with no less than 14 different moves but with alternating eskimo, butterfly, cheek kisses), and though I never quite remember how it goes (as it frequently changes), I'll always be there, doing my very best to follow along.

Happy birthday little one! I love you my sweet Isabel.

BIIIIIG Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze,


reconstructing sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Isabel is a sweetheart.

Alicia Istanbul said...

Awww, that was a beautiful post. Now you've got me weepy thinking of how quickly the years pass. She is darling.

elliott said...

i've missed you..i've been checking in but, not been blogging myself of late..too much going on...
this post made me beam! ...made me smile too as my hattie finn has a secret kiss (we developed since she's not that huggy--it's a 'giraffe' kiss where she nuzzles my cheek with her cheek..it was 'developed' initially by me so i wouldn't wilt for lack of cuddles from my little girl..now, i find it so precious that she came up with her own way of connecting..i love experiencing the joy in your life through this blog. thank you!

the_storie_goes_on said...

she is definately a mini u... somehow you always come up with the most preciaous and awesome things to write.. awe happy birthday to the little miss..!!

MOM said...

Must you always make me cry when I'm at work??? Had so much fun celebrating with my little Izzle Bizzle--Miss Six. I love you all--ALWAYS and FOREVER!

susie said...

Happy belated B-day to the little woman. Love the pics - I think I've seen you wear that middle left hand expression before. Adorable.

she said...

OH, she really is a mini-you, and that is SO cute.