Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving...

...and this is what I've been up to...

As I'm baking away I am thinking of so many things that I am thankful for - not the least of which is YOU!

Wishing you the happiest of Thanksgivings from my family to yours!
May your tummies be full and your hearts be fuller ;)

Thankful and Happily,

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A feast for your eyes before the feast for your tummy...

Just wanted to let you know that I plan to get all these lovely ladies listed by sometime tomorrow evening...

Winged Poppy Jasper ring...

2 more Sensory Overload necklaces
(If you recall, the deal I offered for the first 3 of these necklaces that sell is still available for one more person to get in on since 2 have sold so far...)

Rain Forrest Jasper ring...

And last but not least - this WHOPPER of a hunk of Mookaite featuring a bit of a hinged piece hanging from the bottom of the pendant and accented with deep green chunky faceted jade beads.
Have you located your elastic-waisted pants yet???


Monday, November 23, 2009

Conversations with a preschooler...

I had the privilege of being the fill-in preschool teacher at my kiddos school today. I don't actually have a preschooler this year but I couldn't resist sharing this conversation with you...

(they had just finished watching a little video about Thankfulness)...

Me: "Ok kiddos, can anyone raise their hand and tell me something you are thankful for???"

Girl 1: (waving her arm wildly) "I'm thank you for my little sister and my princess dress"

Me: "Oh wow, that's a good one! Anyone else?"

Boy 1: "I'm thank fo my piwate ship. It's not a weal one, just a toy but I weeeally like it."

Me: "That sounds really cool! Who's next?"

Boy 2: "I'm thankful for my brother and my sisters and my mom and my dad and my horses, and my car, and my puppies, but we have too many dogs so I couldn't have another puppy".

Me: "Oh no! I'm sorry, but at least you have some dogs right???"

Boy 2: "ya."

Me: "Ok, anybody else wanna share something they are thankful for?

Boy 3: "lasterday my brother threw up on his chair."

Me: "...O...K... anyone else???"

I'm still laughing...


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mish Mash...

With the hubby out of town visiting family and kiddos with the "Bubble Grandparents", I plopped down on my couch to make a blog post.

However, I was unsure what I wanted to blog about so I thought I'd just share whatever comes to mind as well as some photos recently taken.

Prepare for some randomness (and thus, welcome to my hubby's world)...

In no particular order, though numbered for reasons that defy explanation...

1. I actually plopped down on my bed originally in order to create this post... and broke my bed.
What you can't tell from this picture is that now, the top right corner of the mattress sits a good 7 or so inches lower than any of the other 3 corners. Looks like I'll be sleeping on the floor/couch tonight.
(And no Jilly, I did NOT do this on purpose just to be able to get myself a new bed, buuut... as long as I'm looking... check this out!)

2. Mr. and Mrs Nixon have come to live with me.
I am now and forever have been a watch girl. I remember when I was in Elementary school and for my birthday I got that Swatch watch set where got 1 watch face and you could swap out the bands and mix-n-match the colors, even adding those rubber guard thingies over the face of you so chose. MAN I LOVED that watch(es). These are the 2 newest additions. It's been a long time since I've gotten a new one, however, many of the others have seen better days (some not in working condition anymore, and one even having a nasty run-in with a sheet of sandpaper). When my mother bought me the one on the left (via my having found it on ebay) and I could get a smashing good deal on the one on the right, I knew they both had to come home to me. The Mrs. is the strong and silent type but Mr. Nixon just won't shut up.

3. To my surprise I found 3 bearded ladies in my tub the other night.
The cutest bearded ladies I ever did see.

4. I went to this movie last night. Don't judge me. retrospect, it may not have been the best idea to go on opening night as the teenage angst was quite palpable in that crowded movie theatre, and, we had the pleasure if sitting directly in front of a row of foul-mouthed, pre-pubescent, 'too young to have girlfriends', boys, along with their chatty, too much make-up -wearing, 'too young to have boyfriends', girlfriends. After missing things here and there for the first 30 minutes of the movie, I turned around shooting them a glance that quieted them for a few minutes. I had decided if they started up again, I was going to have to say something...
They did...
And I did...
Thus making me "that lady".
I felt a brief pang of horror at the thought of becoming "that lady", but, it paid off as they were quiet for the rest of the show.

5. Gonna go list these goodies at some point before I hit the floor/couch tonight...

And now I think I shall make myself something delicious to eat and watch me some stuff on hulu.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

(This was a pic I tried to add to Isabel's bday post but I apparently wasn't in time to get it posted before the blogger photo loader decided to crash for a while).
Isabel: approximately 2 years old.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amidst all the hubbub...

...another little woman had a birthday!

Make no mistake, we definitely celebrated. I just didn't get a chance to blog on her big day (since it was day 2 of my event weekend and I was stuck behind a table all day).

SO... here's to my little "mini-me".

(I cannot explain how very accurately each of these pictures perfectly
describes certain aspects of this girl's personality without uttering a single word...)

Now you're 6 little lady! Gone are the days of answering people's question of
"how old are you?"
by using the fingers on only 1 hand.

May the time between now and having to use both hands (PLUS removing both socks and shoes and still coming up short) last forever. :)

I could hug you 50 times a day for the rest of your life, and you'd still want more - and I love that about you :)

Never lose your ability to create endless clothing combinations - the wilder the better - paired with the lack of concern for what anyone else in this world thinks about it.

You are prone to mild anxiety if we aren't able to get our "secret kiss" in before bedtime (think "secret handshake" with no less than 14 different moves but with alternating eskimo, butterfly, cheek kisses), and though I never quite remember how it goes (as it frequently changes), I'll always be there, doing my very best to follow along.

Happy birthday little one! I love you my sweet Isabel.

BIIIIIG Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Great Reveal...

(Make sure to read all the way to the end of this post to find out about a bit of a *DEAL I'm offering in order to kick off these new beauties with STYLE!)

I have been working on a design concept for quite some time now.

When it comes to jewelry (or clothing, or coffee flavorings, or a myriad of other things) I have always been a fan of mixing and matching.



As far as the particular concept I'm about to introduce to you, it actually started a few years ago when I made my first Mommy Tab necklace.

I wanted to give the piece a little something extra.

A punch of color...

...or a full-spectrum chromatic beat-down.

But I began to realize that not every lady is a fan of combining colors together the way that I would combine them.

This prompted the brain gears to start-a-turnin' to come up with a way to allow for bits of color to be either swapped out and worn individually, or to be worn in any imaginable color combo (ie: all at once, like I do).

The solution I ended up coming up with was to add an extra clasp at the front of the necklace to allow for maximum swappage, thus allowing the necklace to become a completely different piece nearly every time you wore it, depending on how you chose to accessorize it.

I made several Mommy Tab necklaces and decided this would be an interesting concept to take to the next level.

More embellishment.

More versatility.

More jangling.

More of a feast for the eyes.

More to indulge the senses.

"Sensory Overload" if you will...

...and that's exactly what I've decided to call these lovely ladies...

Introducing: the Sensory Overload necklace...

Lots of jingling and jangling.

Each piece comes with a stone pendant as well as a small charm accent, both of which are removable, and thus, interchangeable.

The chain length is fully adjustable from 16 to 22 inches and can be transformed into a completely different looking necklace depending on how you choose to "hook it up" (check out the pics below to see what I mean).

Only one full necklace need be purchased (unless you'd like more than one, I certainly won't be the one to stop you!) and then from there on out, individual pendants can be purchased to swap out with the original chain, and/or, additional sterling charms can be purchased to add to the family!

All loops are soldered shut and all beads are wrapped tight.

I mentioned at the start of this post that I'd be offering a bit of a deal for you and here it is...

*For whomever is the first to purchase one of my Sensory Overload necklaces from my etsy shop, I'll be throwing in a quote charm (using the quote of your choosing) for FREE!!! My treat as little "thank you" for being the very first (besides my mom and me) to snag one of these beauties!

ALSO, for the first 3 Sensory Overload necklaces that sell (including the first one), I'll be offering a 25% discount off the first additional charm/pendant/etc that you purchase for your piece!

Not counting the one I made for myself and the one my mother promptly snagged to go with her new blue sweater, I have 9 of these beauties ready and waiting to be listed with many more in my brain, just waiting to be translated into reality.

The above pieces are the first 4 that I'll be popping into my shop this coming Monday (Nov. 16th at some point before noon CST) so plan to be there if you'd like to be the quote-winning gal!

Also, here are a couple rings that I'll be listing as soon as I'm finished with this post!

Still more to come... I am SOOO just gettin' started... :)


EDIT: Congrats Miss Lisa B. for being the first snagger of one of these necklaces and winner of the quote charm! (as well as a discount off your next pendant purchase!) I can't wait to hear what you want your pendant to say!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some better glimpses and a proper introduction...

Ok, so the other day I said I'd show off this little guy during my "Wordless Wednesday" post but being Veteran's Day, I thought another post far more important.

So today, without further adieu... I give you...

"The cutest little guy to ever rummage through my trash"...

This little fellow has been fabricated in his entirety by my very own 2 hands. Nothing pre-made here (except for the clasp and the adorable carved wooden walnuts). Every curve is hand-sawed, and every layer soldered by moi. Every bead was hand-wrapped, every loop was soldered shut, and every hair on his bushy little tail was stamped individually.

He is the second installment in my "Creature" series coming after this little gal.

He's SOOO cute nibbling on a little something clutched between his teeny little mitts (most likely a little hunk of stale candy corn) and he'll be scampering over to my etsy shop along with these guys as soon as I'm finished typing this post...

In keeping with the "creature" theme I seem to be going with lately: The Ribbit Ring...

When Mr. G. saw this one he said "Oh wow, it looks like the stone is sliding off the ring!"
I think he's right. :)

"OJ in the morning" necklace featuring an ocean jasper cab in the most delicious shade of pea- soupy green. Mmm...

"OJ in the morning" necklace with a lovely little mustard yellow guy...

"Go ahead, "Make a Spectacle of Yourself!"...

Off to start-a-postin'!!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Wordless Wednesday" Veteran's Day edition...

Because sometimes there just aren't words to express the way you feel...

Thankful and Remembering,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goods at a glance...

Here are several of my new pieces that were not featured the last time I teased you like this...

(that was sinister laughter in case you couldn't tell...)

I'll be showing some closer, more "all encompassing" shots of these guys as I get prepared to list them.

Oh hey! Remember that Bumble Bee necklace I made a while back? Well, I have another installment in what I can only describe as a bit of a "creature series" and I can't wait to show you!




"furry tail"


"apparently unable to stop from helping himself to the bag of stale candy corn I threw out about a week ago, making quite a mess at that"

I think I'll show him off tomorrow for "Wordless Wednesday".

Soon and very soon friends! It has been so fun going through all my treasures and preparing to show them off to you but it has certainly been a time-consuming process. I hope it'll all be worth the wait!!!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Show's over...

Well folks, the show's over and here is a bit of a rundown...

First of all, I want to take a moment and thank everyone who came out to support me and my work this past weekend! Whether you knew you were supporting me or not when you arrived on Friday or Saturday, it meant the world to me to see each and every one of you!

Secondly, if you happened to grab one of my cards at the show and have found my blog via that card, WELCOME!!! It is so great to have you here and please know that you are welcome 'round these parts ANY TIME!!! :)

And now for this weekend in review...

(That's my mama in the bottom right corner pic - I was SO glad she was able to come with me!)

- Overall, it didn't quite go as I was hoping/thinking it would but I still had a great time!

- Didn't sell too much but I now have plenty of stock with which to plump up my etsy shop!

- Gave out lots of business cards.

- Wowed several people who didn't realize I actually MADE everything MYSELF.

- Took 1 custom order.

- Had the privilege of watching the couple things I did sell go to VERY special women in my life.

- Had this conversation...

Me: "Hello!!!"

Lady: "Hello."

(lady quietly looks over everything on my table and picks up a necklace)

Lady: "How much is this?"

Me: "The prices are listed on the back of all the pieces"

Lady: (flips necklace over) "85?"

Me: "yes"

Lady: "DOLLARS?!!?!???"

Me: "...yep."

Lady: (raises her eyebrows as high as humanly possibly, sets necklace down, and walks away).

I am really glad I did this event, but, I'm also glad it's over.
(I'm pretty sure I would have felt this way even if I had completely sold out of everything I had taken with me).

You know, as I was getting everything made in preparation for this show, I kinda had this perpetual feeling like I just wasn't making enough. I really wanted to have a good amount of stuff to take with me and with each piece I finished I just kept thinking, "If this is the last piece I'm able to finish before Friday, I don't feel like it'll be enough"...

...till I gathered it all together to work on tagging everything, and I saw it.

All together.

In one place.

At one time.

It was actually a bit overwhelming.

4 bracelets.

7 brooches.

22 rings.

25 pairs of earrings.

35 necklaces.

I had a moment where I felt an immense amount of accomplishment.

Accomplishment and pride and satisfaction.

I MADE each of those pieces.

I took sheets of silver, stones, spools of wire and chain, and I turned them into beautiful things.

I didn't cut corners.

I didn't give less than my best.

Though it has many different facets, I feel like I really got to see a little glimpse of what "accomplishment" looks like for me.

I certainly have plenty of new goodies to show you and plan to do just that very soon but for now, I think I'm gonna go plop down on the couch. :)

Pics of now goods to come!...


Monday, November 2, 2009


For me, the mark of a productive day in the shop is not necessarily the number of pieces I'm able to complete, but when I look down to see my hands looking like this...

... 6 scrubbings with dish soap and the creases still aren't clean.