Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Conversations with an (almost) 3 year old...

(This is a pic of how you'll typically find Sophie when she's watching a movie.
If you peeked under the table, you'd see that she's got her arms crossed behind her head.)

If you've ever talked to a young child, it doesn't usually take long before they've said something that has you laughing uncontrollably. Not necessarily always "what" they say but often "how" they say it.

Gabe and I talk all the time about how we need to be writing all those funny little things down so we can remember them later, but for whatever reason, we haven't.

Now that it's just me and Miss Sophia at home during the week days, I seem to be noticing more of these funny little conversations and I've decided to post them here every now and again.

For this first installment I'll make you privy to a couple different goodies...

Sophie: "I'n sirsteee" (thirsty)

Me: "You just had a drink!"

Sophie: "But I'n still sirstee"

Me: "Well, you'll just have to wait"

Sophie: "Ok."


Sophie: "I'na do sumpin"

Me: "What do you want to do?"

Sophie: "I don't bememer" (remember).

And just yesterday on our way home from taking the big girls to school...

Sophie: "So mom, wass da plan for today?"




susie said...

Too cute. Lucy now races us to the phone whenever it rings- she will then promptly put the caller on speaker phone and yell into the phone either "who is it?!" or (my favorites), "what do you want?! - "why you call my house?!" all while I am still in hot pursuit. I then have to wrestle her to the ground to get the phone, and I am seldom successful in figuring out how to get the caller off of speaker phone. She has also taken to hiding our phones (giving her an undeniable edge in being the first one to the phone when it rings)

EmeliaRo said...

AHHH! Oh my - that is not something I've had to deal with... yet... but it sounds... SUPER fun??? :) My favorite is "why you call my house!?" :)

Inalee said...

Sophie is fun to talk to. She tells me lots of things. The first thing she always says on the phone is "Inalee, are you at your house?" Little girls don't know where I am.

Vita said...

hahah sooo cute! I just love this age, it's my favourite, so far!! Me and my husband, too, are laughing all the time lately with the things that Brooklyn comes up with!! It's always so freakin' hilarious!

RosyRevolver said...


Mason and I were in the market today, and he was playing in the shopping cart basket with my car keys. I have the keyless entry remote, and he loves to push the buttons to hear the truck beep. In the store, he kept pushing and pushing the button, as hard as he could, but didn't hear the beep he is so used to. After finally giving up, he turned to an old man in the aisle beside us and very seriously said, "My beep is bwoken."