Friday, September 4, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel...

I had the privilege recently to create the jewelry my dear friend Wendy would wear when she walked down the isle on her wedding day.
I cannot explain what an honor it was for me to have been entrusted with such a special responsibility!
Until now, I had only ever made jewelry for bridesmaids, never for the bride herself, and to be completely honest, I was a little nervous at first!

What if the final products weren't quite what she was hoping for?
What if I couldn't quite convey through metal the ideas that were swirling within our heads?

She is an artist herself, she has an eye for these things you know...
What if she HATES them???
WHAT IF??!!?!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a deep breath, looked over the sketches I had done during our one and only official discussion of ideas, and then just took the leap, putting some trust in my abilities and in the confidence I have in what I do.
File again.

I was happy.

She was ecstatic.

Shoulder-dusters. A little her, a little me.
Wrap bracelet with just the right amount of jingle-jangle...
The bracelet shown worn as a necklace.
...and yet another necklace option for the "bracelet".
(this one's my favorite)...
Congratulations Wendy! I am so thrilled for you and I wish you and Kevin all the happiness in the world!!! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to make it for the big day but I can't wait to see your photos!!!!!


reconstructing sarah said...

absolutely lovely, as always. your talent and love is abundant.

Rachael said...

girl, that bracelet/necklace combo is AMAZING! so beautiful, em! :)

Anonymous said...

The jewelry looked beautiful on her!! Loved it!!

Becky D

Sunnydaze said...

Amazingly gorgeous! What a lucky bride!

MOM said...

So beautiful! As always, you are AMAZING!! I love you!

Desiree Fawn said...

What a fantastic set!
Pure love in those pieces!