Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thinking then packing then forgetting then remembering then packing and so on and so forth...

I am a MESS when it comes to packing for a trip. I am IMMEDIATELY overwhelmed by the task at hand - packing for 5 people for 7 days during which there will be varying circumstances and most likely varying weather situations.

I try to start in one spot...

"ok, pants for the girls"

So I start off with every intention of fetching pants for each of the girls.

I get a little ways... all the way to Lillie's dresser, pulling out a few pairs of pants... but on top of her dresser, I see a hair band and remember that I need to pack brushes and hair accessories for each of the girls and in an effort not to forget to do so, I go and do that right away...

So I'm in Sophie's room in an attempt to find a few clips and bands and miscellaneous hair do-hickies, but I open the wrong drawer... the one where I keep her diapers... and I remember...

"Oh YA! I've got to remember to pack plenty of diapers and grab a new package of wipes while I'm at it" (full-on potty training to commence upon the older girls return to school) I go and do that.

I actually grab the diapers and remember to get a new pack of wipes as well... but I only get as far as setting them both in the middle of Sophie's floor when I see her hat hanging on the corner of the changing table and remember I wanted to take each of the girls hats...

I grab her hat and put it on the floor next to the diapers and head off to ask Lillie and Isabel if they know where their hats are.

Lillie finds hers right away but Isabel is in a panic as hers is nowhere to be found. We set off on an all out hunt for her hat...

10 minutes later, still no hat, but I hear that the dryer has stopped so I go down to take the clothes out as I'm sure I'll be needing to pack some of them.

I get to the basement and almost into the laundry room when I see the basket of shoes near the door and remember I need to make sure the girls each have a pair of play shoes and a pair of flip flops to take with us. I head back upstairs to make sure we can find all 6 matching sets between the 3 little women...

The cycle just continues on like this for then next hour or so and now we are at least a good 2.5 hours into "packing" and I still have nothing actually "packed".

No pants for the girls.

No hair doo-dads.

Diapers and wipes are somewhere...

We've located only 2 of the 3 hats we need.

Laundry is still in the dryer.

BUT... of the 6 pairs of shoes we needed to find, we managed to find EVERY ONE!

It's a start.

All of the above is in preparation for the end of summer, "last hoo-rah before school starts" trip that we were able to swing at long last. We're leaving at some point today (that is if I ever end up getting everything packed!) and we'll be back the 30th. We're heading back up to my grandparent's cabin in northern Minnesota for a few days and then to Minneapolis for a few days. I am very much hoping to return rested and relaxed and ready to hit the ground running.

I think I'm going to leave my etsy shop open while I'm away and deal with any convos/sales upon my return.

I hope you are all enjoying these last few weeks of summer!!!



Stephanie said...

Its like that book, "If you give a mouse a cookie"! I feel your pain. Sometimes its like that when you have 3 small ones!

Michele said...

I pack exactly the same way which is also the way that I clean my house.
Are you surprised that the house is always at least slightly messy?

I'm easily distracted by shiny objects!

Have a great trip! I don't find travelling with the family relaxing. My relaxation will come September 1 when school starts here.


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I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

I love packing! Just make a big long list of all those things, and it will all come together.

Have a great trip.

susie said...

Safe travels - enjoy!
p.s. We seem to have very similar packing tactics.

susie said...
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Tyson Diddley said...

You are using a stack (i.e. each time you think of something, stop what you are doing and do the new thing instead). I would use a queue (i.e. each time you think of something, write it down in a list and keep doing what you are doing).

Michele said...

I don't know who you are Tyson but that is brilliant.

Why have I never thought of "queuing"? I end up zipping about my house never finishing anything.

I've often said that I need a post-it pad necklace.