Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday #28...

This is an ariel view of my kitchen table and coincidentally the view I had on Tuesday afternoon after the girls returned home from their "adventure walk" with the Bubble Grandparents. All you need in order for it to qualify as an "adventure walk" is a plastic bag for collecting treasures along the way.

This is the most recently acquired set of "treasures" laid out so very nicely on the kitchen table. Dirt clods and all. Seeing it reminds me of what my mother must have seen every time she looked underneath my pillow when I was little... except less leaves and more rocks.

If this is the kind of stuff 3 little women drag in from outside, Heaven help me when we have a little boy... NO, I am NOT pregnant but regarding the sex of our future child(ren), I do have a funny story I have to share with you... I'll save it for another day though, just to keep you in suspense :)


PS The kitchen table and chairs are from my very most favorite store on the planet earth - IKEA. I would go there WEEKLY if the nearest one wasn't 4.5 hrs away (better than 10 hrs away in Chicago which was the closest till they put one in right across from the Mall of America). Gabe and I bought them when we were first married... 1 table, 6 chairs, a large wall mirror (the one you've seen above the green table in the living room), and a set of dishes. All that and the bill was no more than $220. Mostly cheap because you have to but the blasted stuff together yourself but it was worth being able to get it all home to our 1 bedroom apartment in our little black Camaro IROC-Z with red racing stripes :)


susie said...

Adventure walks are the best - as long as you remember to check all the little pockets when you do laundry:)
P.S. When we got married I had a sweet red Dodge Daytona with racing stripes - also not good for hauling furniture.

the_storie_goes_on said...

i wanna go on an adventure walk.. guess i'll have to wait till i have kids haha.. that'll be awhile!
your house looks so fun.. your simply the coolest

Vita said...

ohh i loved collecting nature when I was young!! can't wait to get my girl doing that too! Am intrigued about this future child of yours! hehe ;)

as for Ikea, I LOOOOVE it too!! Jody doesn't quite enjoy it as much and calls it "the rat maze" because he says it's like walking in one, haha! We are totally going to the city to get new chairs in September (our old ones are ready to fall apart!). It's 14 hours that's pushing it a bit but what can you do when you live in a shoe! ;)