Monday, July 20, 2009

Back home...

Well hallooo everyone! I'm back home and I think I was able to get a little rest while I was away. As I mentioned before I left, I was leaving for a small cabin in Northern Minnesota with several members of my family - 8 besides myself to be precise. Now normally, the size of the cabin isn't an issue since much of our time up there is typically spent outdoors doing "outdoorsy" types of things, mostly lake-related in nature... HOWEVER, without our knowledge, we had apparently chosen to go during what would be the COLDEST week in July that particular area of the country has seen in over 30 years. To be more specific, the temperature didn't rise above 63º the entire time we were there (mostly lingering around the 59º mark for most of the week) with clouds and showers almost every day (it even hailed at one point). There were some brief stints of swimming and thankfully, no one developed hypothermia.

Couldn't wait to get in the water
(even though the temp wasn't anywhere near the comfortable swimming range)

The call of the loon is one of the most distinct and
beautiful bird calls I've ever heard

2 beefcakes on a raft
(for some reason anytime I take my camera out around these 2,
they automatically assume these poses, or variations of these poses)
Look out ladies, they're available!

We did a LOT of this...

Back in the water despite the temperature

A shot of the sky while they were swimming
(it looks more ominous than it was - no lightening so we were safe)

...and a shot of what how we were dressed while
the kids were in the water with Grandpa and Uncle Chris
(Geez Matt, cut your hair already would'ya!!!)

The regular stop to have their pics taken with
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox
(my mom has pics just like this of my siblings and me when we were little...
and I'm sure my grandma has a few of my dad and his siblings as well)

It's no Starbucks but it was a satisfactory substitute for the week

In the doorway of the "castle" they were building
(you can see the outline laid out on the ground in front of them)

Heading out to go fishing...
(didn't catch anything but they did manage to loose a hook and the boat anchor).

Just one of MANY birch trees surrounding the cabin

Time for S'mores (best with dark chocolate)

A couple of crazies going for an evening swim...
I think the temp at the time was 52º if even that warm

One last look before heading home

All in all, we did have a good time but I am glad to be home. Since Mr. G was unable to go with us, I think he, the girls, and I are going to try to go up at some point in August. Hopefully the weather will be a bit more cooperative by then...

Happily home,


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of my girls and my two handsome guys! My favorite picture is the one with the girls wearing their goggles. That is too cute for words! I can't believe how tall Lillie is getting. I wish I could send you some sunshine and heat. S'Mores are best with dark chocolate.

Vita said...

Oh gosh sounds like you are getting our weather! We haven't even had summer yet (mostly rain! ugh) which is also highly unusual. But looks like you and the little ladies had a lovely time!! LOVE the last pic of the girls! :)

ShayJay said...

love the pics! We were gone last week, too, at a resort outside of Alexandria, MN, and I did not get in the water once! We sat next to bonfires and in sweatshirts all day...definitely a bummer when you are at a lake :( Looks like you guys had a good time anyway!

susie said...

Looks like a wonderful week away-you are lucky to have such a tight knit family. Your little women are precious. It's chilly here in St. Louis today too -I'm thinking some smores and coffee sound good about now (is it every too early for smores?)

The Noisy Plume: said...

i missed you.
and don't get after matt about his hair...he's the cutest...which is why he will marry my sister.

the_storie_goes_on said...

oo these are AMAZING!! truly..
and i like how we r picking wives for your brothers.. haha. j/k.
im glad you got home safe.. and that the trip was fun even if it was blah outside.. it reminds me of the cat in the hat.. haha

Tyson Diddley said...

Why would you want to go to Starbucks when Stargbucks does not even like being Starbucks??

Michele said...

S'mores with dark chocolate?


EmeliaRo said...

Inalee: We can't wait for you to come see us again! Will you be here for Thanksgiving again?

Vita: We did have a lovely time! I'm sorry your weather has been so crummy! Rain is wonderful but the occasional 80º sunny day is necessary :)

Shannon: I'm sorry to hear your trip was chilly as well! Bonfires are always great fun though!

Susie: NO! NEVER too early for s'mores... I actually HATE marshmallows but I do need to have a good dark chocolate s'more every once in a while :) S'mores and coffee... mmm...

Jilly J: Yes indeed. They will be wed and it is only a matter of time before we are actually family on paper and not just brain-sharing sister-twins.
I missed YOOOOU!

Ana: Who better to pick wives for my bros than me right?! :) PS I LOVE the cat in the hat!

Tyson: I could really care less whether Starbucks wants to be Starbucks or not. They make FRIGGIN good coffee (better than I could ever make for myself) and so long as that doesn't change, I'll keep going there :)

Michele: Dark chocolate is the ONLY way to go (the only way I can make a s'more where it isn't waaay too sweet to finish the whole thing) You should DEFINITELY try it sometime.