Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009


I don't know if it's really been in any of the shots yet but I thought I'd post a quick pic of the camera strap I bought for my new camera before I even ordered it (the camera that is). I got it from this gal and I could NOT be more pleased with it! If you need a strap for your camera (or a wallet, or a business card case, or a key chain wristlet, etc) then I would HIGHLY recommend you peruse this lady's shop.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Afternoon in the Park...

So today was actually one of the most fun and relaxing Saturdays we've had around in a long time! Usually we've got something to do or somewhere to go, but today? Nothing... except for laundry which I had already decided early in the day that I wasn't gonna do... no pile(s) of dirty clothing was gonna ruin my day!

The little women often ask to go outside to "our park" (the swing set/playhouse in our backyard) but as I often have much to do around here, and we don't yet live out in the country where I would feel comfortable just sending them out without my eagle-eye supervision (watching them from the kitchen window, rather than from 2 feet away), it doesn't always happen.

Today, we went outside.

It was BEAUTIFUL out and the little women kept themselves QUITE occupied, despite the fact that 2 of our 3 swings are still broken (not to self: BUY NEW SWING CHAINS) and there was a huge mud puddle right at the bottom of the slide.

We finished the afternoon off with a "fancy" lunch (a few different courses including grapes, and quesadillas, and soup eaten out of tiny bowls with tiny spoons while we talk to each other in our best "fancy-lady" british accents) and a movie (with cheese popcorn of course).

"The boy" watching the girls run back and forth and trying
with everything within him not to jump up and
chase after them (something we're working on)

The lone working swing - thankfully it's a double-seater

Not sure it was the safest move but
making use of the broken swing's remains

Very seldom will he let his ball get
any further away from him than this

Tug of war - who do you suppose will win?

... why he did of course
(note the placement of the stick and the ball -
He's as bad as the kids.)

"fancy-lady" lunch
(even the chocolate milk was fancy today)
(and yes, that is a pile of rocks to the far left of the table)

The laundry still isn't done but life is good. :)


Friday, July 24, 2009

Those clouds is CRAZY...

Living here in the midwest means several different things, among which are...
Meat packing plants
Corn fields within a few minutes drive
Tornado Alley.
Yep, I think I talked about this a while back but "tis the season" really. I will be the first to admit that I LOVE severe weather. A storm warning is issued and instead of heading for the basement, I head outside. I don't look at living in "Tornado Alley" as something to fear, but something exciting.
Nothing actually came of any of it this time, but, there were some SERIOUSLY funky clouds out yesterday evening and I could SWEAR I saw the makings of a wall cloud (the straight black cloud that funnels come down from).
I wouldn't want to live anywhere else :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday #28...

This is an ariel view of my kitchen table and coincidentally the view I had on Tuesday afternoon after the girls returned home from their "adventure walk" with the Bubble Grandparents. All you need in order for it to qualify as an "adventure walk" is a plastic bag for collecting treasures along the way.

This is the most recently acquired set of "treasures" laid out so very nicely on the kitchen table. Dirt clods and all. Seeing it reminds me of what my mother must have seen every time she looked underneath my pillow when I was little... except less leaves and more rocks.

If this is the kind of stuff 3 little women drag in from outside, Heaven help me when we have a little boy... NO, I am NOT pregnant but regarding the sex of our future child(ren), I do have a funny story I have to share with you... I'll save it for another day though, just to keep you in suspense :)


PS The kitchen table and chairs are from my very most favorite store on the planet earth - IKEA. I would go there WEEKLY if the nearest one wasn't 4.5 hrs away (better than 10 hrs away in Chicago which was the closest till they put one in right across from the Mall of America). Gabe and I bought them when we were first married... 1 table, 6 chairs, a large wall mirror (the one you've seen above the green table in the living room), and a set of dishes. All that and the bill was no more than $220. Mostly cheap because you have to but the blasted stuff together yourself but it was worth being able to get it all home to our 1 bedroom apartment in our little black Camaro IROC-Z with red racing stripes :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Holy SMOKES! Can it be?!? Can I really have been blogging for a whole YEAR now?!? I was looking back through some of my early posts the other night and it struck me to realize that my first post here was on July 21st, 2008! This year has TRULY flown by and it was so neat to be able to flip back through the archive and have visual reminders of the highlights over the past 365 days.

I thank you all, each and every one.

Whoever you are, wherever you are.

Whether you only stop by on occasion, you're a regular reader, or even if this is your very first visit.

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for your interest and for your curiosity.
Thank you for encouraging.
Thank you for loving.
Thank you for just being you.


VERY Happily on this, the 1 year marker for me in the blogosphere.
Here's to many many more!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back home...

Well hallooo everyone! I'm back home and I think I was able to get a little rest while I was away. As I mentioned before I left, I was leaving for a small cabin in Northern Minnesota with several members of my family - 8 besides myself to be precise. Now normally, the size of the cabin isn't an issue since much of our time up there is typically spent outdoors doing "outdoorsy" types of things, mostly lake-related in nature... HOWEVER, without our knowledge, we had apparently chosen to go during what would be the COLDEST week in July that particular area of the country has seen in over 30 years. To be more specific, the temperature didn't rise above 63º the entire time we were there (mostly lingering around the 59º mark for most of the week) with clouds and showers almost every day (it even hailed at one point). There were some brief stints of swimming and thankfully, no one developed hypothermia.

Couldn't wait to get in the water
(even though the temp wasn't anywhere near the comfortable swimming range)

The call of the loon is one of the most distinct and
beautiful bird calls I've ever heard

2 beefcakes on a raft
(for some reason anytime I take my camera out around these 2,
they automatically assume these poses, or variations of these poses)
Look out ladies, they're available!

We did a LOT of this...

Back in the water despite the temperature

A shot of the sky while they were swimming
(it looks more ominous than it was - no lightening so we were safe)

...and a shot of what how we were dressed while
the kids were in the water with Grandpa and Uncle Chris
(Geez Matt, cut your hair already would'ya!!!)

The regular stop to have their pics taken with
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox
(my mom has pics just like this of my siblings and me when we were little...
and I'm sure my grandma has a few of my dad and his siblings as well)

It's no Starbucks but it was a satisfactory substitute for the week

In the doorway of the "castle" they were building
(you can see the outline laid out on the ground in front of them)

Heading out to go fishing...
(didn't catch anything but they did manage to loose a hook and the boat anchor).

Just one of MANY birch trees surrounding the cabin

Time for S'mores (best with dark chocolate)

A couple of crazies going for an evening swim...
I think the temp at the time was 52º if even that warm

One last look before heading home

All in all, we did have a good time but I am glad to be home. Since Mr. G was unable to go with us, I think he, the girls, and I are going to try to go up at some point in August. Hopefully the weather will be a bit more cooperative by then...

Happily home,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gettin' out of Dodge...

Well folks, by now, if you read my post from yesterday (photographically documenting our errand-running trip in preparation to go out of town) you may have surmised that I'll be going on a little trip with the fam come morning (4:00 in the morning to be precise - Dad likes to get an early start... personally, I could have stood to leave closer to sunrise but that's just me...)

My grandparents own a cabin in northern Minnesota and ever since my dad was a little boy, it has been a regular vacation spot PERFECT for just getting away to RELAX.

Tiny cabin - quaint

9 people staying in said cabin - um... cozy???

Lake access - perfect

Having to bathe in the lake due to the lack of a shower in "quaint cabin" - less than thrilling

The camping shower my honey bought for me before a cabin trip a few years ago - A GODSEND.

I am unsure what the internet connectivity situation will be like this year (last year it was patchy at best) so just to be safe, I'm going to close my etsy shop for the week and if I am unable to blog while I'm away, I'll talk to (or at least "type to") you all upon my return with MANY photos to share I'm sure :)

Goodnight! (4:00am will be here before I know it...)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just for Dad...

Howdy folks! I'd like to ask that you please indulge me in a bit of an irregular blog post - one meant especially for my father (though you're certainly welcome to check it out!)

[A bit of a back story for those of you who were not present for the extravaganza:
It all started yesterday when my brother and I (along with our children, respectively) went over to our parents house in order that we may all head together to our local Target store (OH my WORD. If you have never been to Target, you NEED to find one as soon as humanly possible and GO THERE. It is AMAZING) in order to do some shopping for the vacation we'll be embarking upon this coming Monday.]

Dad had already gotten up a little earlier than perhaps he normally would have in order to go with me to take my car in for some routine maintenance


Had some troubles locating his reading glasses while on an important phone call


Our announcement that we would ALL be going on this little shopping trip to target (shopping of COURSE being among his top 10 very favorite things to do... right up there with "go anywhere where there will be a huge crowd, eat green beans, wear a fanny-pack, and have his fingernails pulled out one by one)


Dad was a little grumpy.

So, what do I do when I notice Dad is less than thrilled about this little excursion? Why, I grab my camera to document the trip of course!

Dad made a comment the other day along the lines of:

"Hey everybody look! Emily got a new camera and it is permanently attached to her hand!"

(like that's a bad thing)

I told him that when I'm old I'll have TONS of photos to look back over to remember all the wonderful times I've had throughout life, and he'll be sitting sadly in a chair, begging to look at my pics. As soon as he saw me grab my camera yesterday, his first comment was:

"You're not bringing that thing are you???"

to which I replied...

"Why yes I am Dad! Memories... Memories".

(I think there may have even been a comment along the lines of "well, I suppose this is going on that smelts blogging thing huh?)

SOOO... without further ado, here you go Dad! Photographic documentation of our trip to run errands... sent out to forever float through cyberspace for everyone to see...

(This one was taken immediately after the
"you aren't bringing that thing with you are you?" comment)
Ok... let's do this...

Chris was putting on his best "disinterested" face but
he was secretly pumped about going, I just know it.

Mom really was excited...

Everybody in...

seat belts fastened...

Now Dad is driving. Luckily, somehow
I got to ride in the passenger seat...

Getting out of the van getting ready to go into the bank...

Heading into the bank...

"Are you really following me in with that thing?"

Takin' care of business...

Their bank is small and since every body knows everybody,
the tellers all wanted the grand-babies to come in
so they could see how much everyone has grown...
...and pass out bubblegum flavored suckers...

Heading into Target...

After Dad had temporarily lost the aforementioned pair of reading glasses,
mom put 3 more pairs on her list...
one for Dad's truck,
one to set next to his chair,
and one to keep in mom's purse...

Dad looking optimistic since we are finally in the
check out lane... or rather, the "homestretch"...

Chris jumping in (as usual) to ruin what would have
otherwise been a very cute pic of the girls...
(Isabel is still smiling but notice Sophie's look of disgust in the background)

A better shot after having packed all the
goodies into the back of the van :)

So there you go Dad... wasn't that exciting!??... and that was just a trip to run a few errands... just think about what it will be like next week when we are together for 6 days straight! :)