Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy Day...

Sorry this is a day late but HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

To my dad:
Thank you for being the kind of dad you were (and are) - the dad all my friends loved and wished their dad was more like, but also the dad who didn't think twice about disciplining us when discipline was necessary. Thank you for teaching me that the word "no" doesn't always need to be accompanied by an explanation or a reason for that "no" (though sometimes it really would have been nice), and thank you for taking the time to wrestle on the floor with us, no matter how long a shift you had just come home from. It has been such a joy for me to watch you now, as you have shifted quite nicely from

"firm but loving disciplinarian" (Dad)


"oh sure baby, whatever you want" (Grandpa)

just as God intended.

I love you so much and I thank God that He entrusted the raising of me to you.
(Regarding this photo - most people wouldn't know you're thoughts towards fanny-packs, but for those of us who DO have an understanding of you're feelings on this particular topic, I couldn't resist posting this shot) :)

To Gabe:
I couldn't imagine a better daddy for our little women and I am so thankful for the strong man that you are. I remember before Lillie was born, wondering how being daddy to a little girl would be for you (knowing how much of a "rough and tumble" boy you are yourself) but I also remember the day she was born and being so in awe of the perfect balance of a gentle touch paired with fierce protection that was so very evident. All these things I knew you were capable of, but I was suddenly blown away to actually see it playing out before my eyes.
Because of you, our girls will never question what they are worth. They will never have to wonder how a man should treat the woman he loves, and for them, it will be a GIVEN that men open doors for ladies (even after 9 years of marriage) - all because they see these things in you. I love YOU so much and thank God that He gave us to each other.Much Love,


Inalee said...
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Inalee said...

You and your mother are both very blessed to have your father and Gabe in your lives.