Sunday, June 7, 2009

Over already...

Well, this has been Lillie's 2nd year playing soccer and this season seemed to fly by! She had her last game the other night and played the best she had all season!

As far as sports are concerned, so far we've only ventured out into the land of soccer (mostly thanks to Uncle Matt who played soccer from kindergarden all the way through college). The league that we are a part of does offer basketball in the fall and Lillie is mulling over whether she'd like to try that or not (her main concern - "not being able to go like 'this' with the ball" as she makes an up and down motion with her hand). I suspect she'll decide to give it a whirl. Lord knows she's got the legs for it :)


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the_storie_goes_on said...

well im glad shes into soccer.. its a great sport.. my favorite thats forsure and probably the only one i know how to play.. haha well besides such a boy..
thanks for sharing all these pictures.. hopefully she tries basketball at least for a season..

p.s. i have a secret to tell you..lean closer...a lil more.(with hands cupped over your ear). ive been waiting for you to post another blog for what seems like forever.. :) <3