Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I partied like it was 1999...

...Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Well, my 10 year reunion was a huge success! Friday night informal get-together, Saturday afternoon picnic, and Saturday fancier gathering - all exciting and strange - familiar, yet surreal. As I had anticipated, there were several people who I was really hoping to see who were unable to make it, yet others who I didn't know very well in high school with whom I was able to chat with for quite a while! I met kids, boyfriends, husbands and reminisced about the old days - even with a few folks I went all the way through school with, k - 12!

I was a little upset for not familiarizing myself a little better with my new camera before attending the festivities, as I was nominated as "event photographer" by merit of being one of the only folks who brought a camera. Also, since I was the one snapping shots, I don't know if there are any pics of me, other than what I tried to take of myself with friends, holding the camera out at arm's length. I did manage to think at one point to have someone snap a shot of Gabe and me just for photographic documentation sake :)

Since many of you don't know the folks I went to school with, I won't bother posting many pics here (if you did go to school with me and you happen to be reading this post, I plan on posting a bunch of the pics on our Class of 99 facebook group page)... however, for the rest of you, you might get a kick out of this shot...
...taken immediately after the sprinkler system kicked on and soaked everyone that was outside


OH! I also wanted to mention that somehow, I found myself on the planning committee for our 20 year reunion (it'll be here before I know it!) and I think it would be great to plan something fun and out of the ordinary that wouldn't end up being ridiculously expensive.

Any ideas???

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Mom said...

Yes...I have ideas! I'll talk to you about them when we do Ladies' Day tomorrow. I love you!