Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I partied like it was 1999...

...Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Well, my 10 year reunion was a huge success! Friday night informal get-together, Saturday afternoon picnic, and Saturday fancier gathering - all exciting and strange - familiar, yet surreal. As I had anticipated, there were several people who I was really hoping to see who were unable to make it, yet others who I didn't know very well in high school with whom I was able to chat with for quite a while! I met kids, boyfriends, husbands and reminisced about the old days - even with a few folks I went all the way through school with, k - 12!

I was a little upset for not familiarizing myself a little better with my new camera before attending the festivities, as I was nominated as "event photographer" by merit of being one of the only folks who brought a camera. Also, since I was the one snapping shots, I don't know if there are any pics of me, other than what I tried to take of myself with friends, holding the camera out at arm's length. I did manage to think at one point to have someone snap a shot of Gabe and me just for photographic documentation sake :)

Since many of you don't know the folks I went to school with, I won't bother posting many pics here (if you did go to school with me and you happen to be reading this post, I plan on posting a bunch of the pics on our Class of 99 facebook group page)... however, for the rest of you, you might get a kick out of this shot...
...taken immediately after the sprinkler system kicked on and soaked everyone that was outside


OH! I also wanted to mention that somehow, I found myself on the planning committee for our 20 year reunion (it'll be here before I know it!) and I think it would be great to plan something fun and out of the ordinary that wouldn't end up being ridiculously expensive.

Any ideas???

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time flies when you're havin' kids...

I can not believe that it has been 10 YEARS since I graduated high school! I remember my last day of school... walking through the hall one last time and QUITE positive I'd never be back. Not for a visit, not for a reunion, not for nothin'.

Now, don't get me wrong, high school was fun enough (my senior year class load consisting of late arrival, 4 art classes, phycology/sociology, and early dismissal) but I was SO ready to move on. I knew there were people I was gonna miss but I also felt very strongly about walking through those large double doors and not looking back.

I graduated high school, got married, moved half way across the country, graduated college, had my first child, and moved back across the country all before turning 22. It was a roller coaster to say the least (good thing I LOVE amusement parks) but with each year that passed and each milestone I reached in my own life, I became increasingly curious about the people I knew and had been so close with back in high school, wondering where they were, what they were doing, and how many of them were reaching the same milestones as me.

Well, almost 9 years of marriage, 2 houses, 2 more babies, a german shepherd, and what felt like the blink of an eye later, here I sit, one night away from my 10 year class reunion. I am excited and more curious than ever and all I have to do now is decide what to wear...

[Gabe and me at the "T.W.I.R.P." dance ("The Woman Is Required To Pay") my senior year...
I don't think he let me pay though].


PS Can we just take a moment to enjoy the vastness of my eyebrows in this photo!??... wow.

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday #26...

You've had a peek at 2 of the little women's rooms so far so I thought I'd show a little of lady #3's bedroom. Lillie's room is full of ladybugs, Isabel's - flowers and bumblebees, and Sophie, well, she's our little lamb.

I have purposely waited and not painted her room yet (though I was thinking about a lovely lavender hue). Someday down the road, whenever we add another little person to our family, he/she will most likely have to share this room with Soph. I'm NOT pregnant right now (I repeat, NOT PREGNANT) so I am merely thinking in hypotheticals, but, if and when Sophie does have to share this room, I'm thinking of painting it 2 different colors - half and half, right down the middle. Now THAT will be a "peek at my pad" post worth checking out ;)

For now, stark white walls (blaaah) and quite a herd of sheep (baaaa)...


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...


Click, click, boom...

Until just recently, all I've ever owned have been point and shoot cameras. Most recently, my little green fujifilm has been my companion, photographing all my jewelry, pics and videos of my little women, as well as random things I pull over on the side of the road to photograph.

For a while now I have been feeling like I had kind of come to the end of my rope as far as what I could do, photograph quality-wise, with my little green guy, and have had my sights set on purchasing something a little more suited to where I would like to go "photographically speaking". After meeting and chatting for a while with my friend Chad, he pointed me in a direction which, after a bit of research, has led me to a purchase I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about...
Little green guy will still be a vital part of my life, taking up his little space within my purse for those "spur of the moment shots when it would take too long to drag out the big guns" but I am QUITE excited to get myself better acquainted with his big DSLR brother.

I don't know a whole lot about photography but I sure as heck am gonna figure it out.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy Day...

Sorry this is a day late but HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

To my dad:
Thank you for being the kind of dad you were (and are) - the dad all my friends loved and wished their dad was more like, but also the dad who didn't think twice about disciplining us when discipline was necessary. Thank you for teaching me that the word "no" doesn't always need to be accompanied by an explanation or a reason for that "no" (though sometimes it really would have been nice), and thank you for taking the time to wrestle on the floor with us, no matter how long a shift you had just come home from. It has been such a joy for me to watch you now, as you have shifted quite nicely from

"firm but loving disciplinarian" (Dad)


"oh sure baby, whatever you want" (Grandpa)

just as God intended.

I love you so much and I thank God that He entrusted the raising of me to you.
(Regarding this photo - most people wouldn't know you're thoughts towards fanny-packs, but for those of us who DO have an understanding of you're feelings on this particular topic, I couldn't resist posting this shot) :)

To Gabe:
I couldn't imagine a better daddy for our little women and I am so thankful for the strong man that you are. I remember before Lillie was born, wondering how being daddy to a little girl would be for you (knowing how much of a "rough and tumble" boy you are yourself) but I also remember the day she was born and being so in awe of the perfect balance of a gentle touch paired with fierce protection that was so very evident. All these things I knew you were capable of, but I was suddenly blown away to actually see it playing out before my eyes.
Because of you, our girls will never question what they are worth. They will never have to wonder how a man should treat the woman he loves, and for them, it will be a GIVEN that men open doors for ladies (even after 9 years of marriage) - all because they see these things in you. I love YOU so much and thank God that He gave us to each other.Much Love,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Steppin' out with my baby...

I got me a HOT date tonight - lipstick, flatiron, and babysitter included.



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer stormin'...

This is one of the things I love very MOST about summer. The STORMS.

We live right here in the middle of "Tornado Alley" as it is affectionately referred to as, but oddly enough, there has never been a tornado touchdown within our city limits in my lifetime. Don't get me wrong, they wreak PLENTY of havoc all around, but we seem to live in a bit of a "pocket of safety" where we still get to enjoy the shows without any of the nasty destruction.

I can remember when I was little where there were several summers in a row where the tornado sirens would go off at least once each summer, if not more often than that. It was on top of the elementary school across the street from our house so we NEVER missed it and every time we'd grab blankets and flashlights, candles and matches, snacks and toys (only those MOST precious of course) and head down to the basement and flip on our little battery-powered radio to listen to the play by play. Oh MAN was it ever exciting.

Once we were a little older, the tornado siren served as an alerting system that called us outside as we knew we might get to catch a glimpse of something amazing... until mom made us come inside that is.

This is just a little video I took last night of a decent-sized storm that blew through town...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I don't have too much time as I'm am just taking a bit of a break from smithing (it's shaping up to be a LONG day...) but I wanted to share a few shots from the wedding I attended on Saturday. It was a LOVELY day and Miss Michelle couldn't have looked more beautiful :)

My friend Kelli and me (Kelli=Taylor's mom who also has 2 other little ones. Taylor is a friend of Lillie's who was in a few of the soccer pics I posted a while back). We are looking EXTRA happy since we were BOTH able to attend the wedding COMPLETELY childless... don't know if that has ever happened before or ever will again...

Mr. and Mrs. Clark...

Cuttin' the cake...

None of my kids were there buy my bro Chris had his little girl there and she wanted me to take a picture of her with her fancy flowers that were given to her by one of the bridesmaids. She's such a cutie!...



Saturday, June 13, 2009

I think I like it...

I never decide right away whether I like how my hair is cut or not. Miss Whitney always does a FABULOUS job but I always have to take a few days and see whether or not I can recreate the same look with minimal effort. If I can, then huzzah. Success. If not, then I make plans to go back and have it altered to fit the aforementioned criteria :)



PS I only got a total of 3 inches of length removed (which is not very much considering how long it was), plus lots of layering and a SUBSTANTIAL amount of thinning throughout the back. When the hair was all swept up off the floor, it filled that little "sweeper bucket" thingie to the brim... twice...


Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm not gonna lie, that was a little weird...

So, it's Friday night. I was sitting there at my favorite provider of both lattes and Wi-Fi, and I was... ALONE.

No kids.

No Mr. G.

NO ONE but me and a couple baristas behind the counter.

Mr. G is workin' and the little women are at "Bubble Grandma's" house to spend the night.

I can't remember the last time I was completely alone for more than a half hour or so...

...It was very strange... and quite nice... sometimes momma just needs a little "un-accounted-for" time, am I right ladies!??

Here are a few pics from my evening... take special note of the lack of children in these shots... ;)

Sushi (avocado rolls - my FAVORITE) for supper. My kids aren't typically fans of sushi... unless, of course, you could find some on the menu at McD's...

Stopped at Target to get something to wear to a wedding I'll be attending tomorrow afternoon (ended up getting the dress in the middle) and tried a few other things on in a hue I don't typically gravitate toward. I came close to buying a pair of skinny jeans but then, I came to my senses...

Through the rainy window. Mmmm...

Set up in my little corner...

Since I didn't have to put anyone to bed, I had PLENTY of time to paint my nails and give them ample time to dry as to avoid blanket marks during the night (something I am almost NEVER able to avoid)...

The extravaganza continues in the morning when I shall once again, get myself some coffee, and go get my hair cut FINALLY... I am SOOOOOO in need of a hair-hacking! I have a few ideas but I can honestly say, I'm not sure what I'm gonna end up having done. HOPEFULLY nothing I'll regret...

Listen... do you hear that? Oh, you don't hear anything? Me either. ;)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

(Please allow me break the rules a bit here on this first "Wordless Wednesday" with a few words to give a bit of an explanation/back story... I first came upon this idea while checking out sweet Miss Fawn's blog and absolutely loved the idea. I contacted her to see if she would allow me to snag the idea for my own blog and she informed me that there is actually a whole "Wordless Wednesday" movement. SO, I'm gonna hop on board and encourage you to jump on as well! I don't plan on using any particular theme for the photo(s) I'll post on Wednesdays, just no words to accompany them).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In the shop at last...


Just thought I'd let you know I'm in the process of putting a few things in the shop (mostly stuff I've had made for a bit - I think you've seen it all). Seems like I've been so focused on the "making" lately that I have been neglecting the "listing"! :)

Wrists have been slapped so fear not, for I am adjusting my ways.

ALSOOO... I wanted to show you a pic of a bracelet I made a while back. It's fairly simple in it's design (though time consuming in it's creation as the parts have not been cast but rather sawed out and soldered together by hand) but, I've been a but afraid to show it off for fear the idea would be immediately sniped and soon you'd see it everywhere and it would no longer be unique... HOWEVER, I have come to the conclusion that it isn't doing anyone any good for me to just let it sit on a plate next to my computer for only my eyes to enjoy and let the rest of you miss out... though until now, you didn't know what you were missing out on... oh pish-posh, now I'm just rambling.

ANYWAY... I've come to far to turn back now so, here it is! (in the shop soon)...

The "zip yer lip" bracelet...

Just a little visual reminder of what seems like something I've had to work on a lot lately (ok, who am I kidding, more like FOR MY WHOLE LIFE), just learning to keep my mouth SHUT.

Not everything needs to be said... Being female and having a certain quota of words that absolutely MUST be spoken on any given day, it's sometimes hard to keep some of those words from turning into gossip or even just idle chatter, a mindless stream of consciousness.

You know when you're just about to say something and you get that little nudge inside that causes you to pause? However satisfying you may think it would be to just "say what you gotta say", it is ALWAYS the high road to obey your inner nudge.

Our tongues are like fires, shooting off tiny sparks that can ignite an inferno... an inferno that can destroy and leave devastation in it's path, or a fire that can purity and refine, leaving the ground a more fertile place than it was before. It is up to us to decide what we do with that fire.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Over already...

Well, this has been Lillie's 2nd year playing soccer and this season seemed to fly by! She had her last game the other night and played the best she had all season!

As far as sports are concerned, so far we've only ventured out into the land of soccer (mostly thanks to Uncle Matt who played soccer from kindergarden all the way through college). The league that we are a part of does offer basketball in the fall and Lillie is mulling over whether she'd like to try that or not (her main concern - "not being able to go like 'this' with the ball" as she makes an up and down motion with her hand). I suspect she'll decide to give it a whirl. Lord knows she's got the legs for it :)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If only I had skills...

If photoshop didn't still intimidate me so badly, perhaps I would be able to make my photos look this amazing, alas, shortly after getting photoshop, I went to the library to get some books to help me out... and instead of helping me out, they just sat in the corner of my room, taunting me till 2 days before their due date when I promptly returned them and ended the torture.

These photos were taken the other day by the UBER-talented Chad at one of the graduation receptions we attended. Here is his website if you want to check out some of his other work. He's pretty much one of the most talented young photographers I've ever had the privilege of meeting. That, and he loved Isabel's home-made hat. :) I am honored to have had a few shots snapped of us, and even more thrilled that he turned them into such amazing little works of art.
Some people paint with paint. Others "paint" with silver and stone, and others yet "paint" with light and lens.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'M BACK!!!...

... I think I ended my last post with "I'll be back later with the goods"... and now, almost 36 hours later, I am indeed back with the goods.

If no other bits of life had come into play, I swear I could have had pieces finished and photos taken, edited, and posted within 22 minutes flat.

...Ok, maybe that's a stretch... but a goal worth setting anyway right??

As promised... photigraphicular documentation of the most recent fruits of my laboring...

Custom piece...

"Fancy Necklace"...
(tab at the back reads "this is my fancy necklace")

Goldstone custom ring...

Turquoise and coral "lure 'em in" earrings...

Another custom piece...

And... one of my favorites from this batch... The "Petri dish necklace"Ocean Jasper is one of my very most favorite stones of all time and when it comes in this particular color combo - deep greenish and light to bright orangey-peach, it reminds me of something growing within a petri dish. Like your own personal moldy science experiment for your neck... ok, that does sound a little gross but hey, just think of the looks you'll get and the explanations you'll have to give when someone compliments you on your necklace and you tell them what it's called... :)Happily,

Monday, June 1, 2009

Breakfast of Champions...

Yes, sometimes I do eat a sensible breakfast - Cheerios and OJ...

...but other times, I eat this...
I seem to remember a line from a movie I once watched... something about one of the perks about being a grown up is getting to eat a box of cookies for dinner just because you're an adult...

That and "I take a vitamin everyday. It's called a steak."

Now, that's just funny.

ANYWHO... Just gearing up for a day of "making". I'll be back later with the goods.