Friday, May 8, 2009

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday" #25...

Does your house have a "Barbie corner"??? Mine does. And if there are any little girls living at your house, I'm sure yours does too.

Ours includes a (recently upgraded in size) tub-o-barbies (containing more Barbies than there are little girl hands to play with them, a Barbie car, a Barbie kitchen set, Barbie blankets, Barbie sports equipment, Barbie horses, Barbie dogs, skateboards for the Barbie dogs, and more clothes/shoes/accessories than you could shake a stick at - whatever that means???) and a 2-story Barbie ski lodge made for me entirely out of plastic canvas and yarn by my grandmother when I was young - an irreplaceable treasure (sometime I'll show you a pic of what it looks like inside, couch, barstools, and all. It is AMAZING). It would not be a stretch to say that I have threatened the girls within an inch of their lives if they do not treat this little house with the utmost care and love and for the time being, Sophie isn't allowed anywhere within a 5 foot radius of it while playtime is underway. :)


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susie said...

I want a ski lodge! I never had any Barbies growing up, so I am definitely looking forward to playing Barbies with Lu - if I can drag her away from the cars.