Monday, May 4, 2009


These are delicious:

These are ALSO delicious:Happily,


susie said...

Yum, yum. You amaze me with how straight your lettering is - lettering makes me a nervous wreck. I guess practice makes perfect. Take care.

elliott said...

hey em,
never tried the berries and that cream cheese?..that looks decadent!, do the pretty jewellery bits!!
gorgeous and less calories i'm guessing?

EmeliaRo said...

susie: you are exactly right... practice DOES make perfect! You should see some of the first stamped pieces I ever made! Yikes! Don't be nervous. Sometimes the fact that the lettering isn't perfectly straight brings charm and appeal to a piece!

elliott: It's actually home made whipped cream... I could have finished off the bowl with a spoon but I didn't... till the next day. :)

Jessie said...