Sunday, May 10, 2009

For my Mamma...

(Isn't she LOVELY!?? True to "mom form", I have absolutely NO pictures of my mom by herself since she is usually the one behind the camera, so, I had to settle for cropping dad out of one of the shots from Christmas - I'm sure he'll get over it).

Happy Mother's day Mom! I don't know how you did it... You raised 4 kids to to become productive, well-mannered, functional adults...

...well, let me rephrase that...

...You raised 4 kids.

Hehehe. You know I'm just playin'. :)

Thank you for everything Mom. I am the mom I am today because you were then, and continue to be, the phenomenal mother that you are.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
Love you Lots,

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elliott said...

..your Mom is striking--and not to state the obvious---you look remarkably like her my dear!! how great is that!!..i'd love to see pictures of your mom at your age?!..
those pictures of your brother's crack me up---it is so clear to me that there is much laughter in your house!!
Happy mom's day!