Friday, April 24, 2009

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday (on Friday) #23...

Ok, so I did fudge a little this week... I was quite uninspired as to what I should give you peek at, so I'm kind of using a spot I've used before, except THIS time, there's a vase of lovely yellow-tipped orange tulips that I picked up from Wal-Mart no less!

Gabe was gone and I was feeling the need for a floral pick-me-up (which is strange as I don't usually go crazy over flowers, much less tulips) but for some reason, I just couldn't resist...When Gabe got home, this was the conversation that ensued...

Gabe: "Hey, what's with the flowers?"

Me: "Oh ya, those are the flowers you surprised me with when I was out shopping the other day"

Gabe: "Oh cool! I did good."

Now if I could just get HIM to be the one to actually surprise ME with flowers sometime other than Valentines Day... Of course it's entirely possible that all the money he would have been spending on flowers for me over the last few years has been hoarded away in an empty mayonnaise jar somewhere to be taken to Home Depot and exchanged for a DISHWASHER?!???... a girl can dream can't she???


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The Todd said...

Speaking of dishwashers, I think that I will take a picture of mine and share it with you someday. Pastor Cary put a nice pint sized one in. It holds exactly 3 coffee cups, 2 plates, and a bowl plus some silverware. It is officially legit.