Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday #21...

I have always been a BIG fan of rearranging furniture and changing things around but sadly, with the way our house is laid out, there are only so many options as far as furniture placement is concerned. That, paired with the fact that I'm NOT a big fan of moving couches all by myself means that I have had to resort to rearranging things on a smaller scale (ie: desktops, shelves, etc).

Though I don't think I have a "before" picture, today's photo is an example of a recent rearrangement. Partly done out of necessity (I was DESPERATE for a place to have all our bills together in one spot, as well as a place for other various junk-mail-type-items to live prior to their imminent shredding doom - a place that was NOT the ottoman in the middle of the living room or the floor right inside the front door) and partly out of the need to scratch the itch to rearrange.

This green desk (bought at the flea market for $20) used to be home to our ENORMOUS cd player and detached speakers. Out with the cd player and in with a sleeker, more petite ipod speaker/radio as well as a sweet little drawer unit from IKEA (quite possibly my most FAVORITE store on the face of the earth... even though the store closest to where I live is no less than 4 hours away - WELL worth a weekend road trip). Also living there are several family photos (not near enough if you ask me), a stained glass turtle lamp, and a pumpkin spice candle sitting in a candle holder which was actually an ashtray I bought at goodwill for 50¢.

I'm still not totally pleased with the current arrangement but it's a work in progress, I'm sure I'll post a pic once it's all "just so".

Happy peek day!


susie said...

You and your girls take care - hope hubby is home soon.

I share your love of furniture arranging - I once got a couch stuck in our stairwell at the old house trying to move it while Tom was at work. I haven't tried to move a couch by myself since.

Vita said...

Oh I LOOOOVE changing things around!!! If I wasn't doing this, I've realized that I'd love to be an interior designer :) And for this reason, I REFUSED to buy that big (and ugly) 50" tv that my hubby can one lug that thing around whilst rearranging the furniture every 2-3 months???!! ;)

elliott said...

you are a frustrated decorator... i spend my days moving stuff around (at least mentally and often literally for folks to see)..somehow, though i'm less inclined to do it at home!! i just obsessively arrange chachka--it warms my heart to picture you "colour-batizing" your cd's, beads, cups, lego pieces makes me feel less 'different' that i cant leave a even grouping of things on a surface!..
i too love ikea--what would i do without their "fluvanhogin's"?? love,e