Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I couldn't help myself...

So, what do you do when you're missing your honey??? Why, you make yourself a necklace of course!

(sappy I know, just cut me some slack would ya!??)

... and what do you do when you start to feel guilty about making stuff for yourself? You make a truckload of stuff for other people!


J said...

Sweetness! Love makes you do strange this case, beautiful things!!

Meredith said...

Beautiful! Are all those necklaces taken or will you be posting some on etsy? I want one! : )

Elaine said...

Awww, the necklace you made for yourself is so sweet-- keeping your love close to your heart :) And that plate of creations is delicious!

susie said...

You serve up the most delicious looking plates! Sappy is good- you're bringing sappy back. I am also amazed by how straight all of your letters are - that one looks like it has quite the wordage. I ordered my first piece of ocean jasper this week - I hear it can be addictive! Take care.

Vita said...

Awww you missing the hubby :(

and *droooool*!!! Am really gonna have to request for a custom order very soon!!!

EmeliaRo said...

Oh ladies, how I LOVE YA!!!

J: awww shucks ;)

Meredith: Several of them are taken but a few are not... tempting??? :)

Elaine: He is always close to my heart indeed and since I am such a visual person, I am always looking to make myself sweet little reminders. Besides, what problem/emotional void can't be fixed with jewelry right?!??

susie: I thought they were pretty delicious looking myself!
AND, I am TOTALLY ok with bringing sappy back - there is absolutely NOTHING wrong whith getting a little weak in the knees at the sight of your man right?!?? :)
PS - Uh oh... now that you've started in with Ocean Jasper, there's no going back... I myself have developed quite an unhealthy addiction if I do say so myself.

Vita: I do miss him, but I am SO happy that you are not having to miss yours!!!
As for the custom order, whenevah you're ready, BRING IT ON!!!

Desiree Fawn said...

Amazing! That one with all of the text? Wow!

The Noisy Plume: said...

I love you and your orbaliciousness.

The Noisy Plume: said...

And....speaking of sharing a brain....that multi-text pendant....I've got something to show you:)

EmeliaRo said...

Oh many, I can only imagine... :) I can't wait to see!!!