Friday, April 3, 2009

10 Things I know from looking at this picture...

(click to enlarge for detail...)
In no particular order...

1. I NEED to clean off my desk.

2. Everyone should have a circle scarf that matches their calculator.

3. I LOVE me some Soduko... enough to make sure I always have a book close at hand.

4. "Flat Stanley" is a pretty cool dude. Though the strong and silent type, he did finally admit to me how excited he is for his upcoming adventure out west... (

5. Kashi crackers + laughing cow garlic herb cheese wedge + tomatoes + LOTS of pepper = DELICIOUS... oh how my heart aches for the lactose intolerant people of the world :(

6. I have hesitated to discriminate in the past but I am officially ready to admit that green is indeed my favorite color.

7. I need to talk to my brother to see why the FRIG I can't figure out how to save anything to a CD on my computer.

8. "The Office" = BEST SHOW EVER.

9. I need to make myself some more bangle bracelets... I didn't have near enough "jingle jangle" going on.




MrsLittleJeans said...

I second #2, #5 and #8. I don't have #2 but would love one someday.
I question #1. I don't see why.
I think you are right about #6.
I think you should get started on #9.

Happy Friday Miss Em.

Anonymous said...

I think green is your favorite color too.

J said...

#11...either you're a very sloppy drinker and need a sippy cup or you have little people padding around your house... :P