Saturday, March 14, 2009

See what I mean?...

Every Friday I teach art at the school where my kids attend (can't remember if I've said that before or not...). One of the classes was going to be finishing up a project involving the little circles left behind when you take a paper punch to a pile of construction paper. I had a stack of paper and several little cups to punch the dots into and this is the result of my preparation for the class... see anything that reminds you, oh I don't know, perhaps of a blog post from a few days ago?????I looked down at the little color-coded cups and remembered I had my camera in my bag. The kids were coming in for class and I said something like:

"NO! WAIT! DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! I've GOTTA get a picture of this!"

After a few puzzled looks, several of them started laughing... not sure if it was that I was freaking out about needing to take the picture, or that I was standing on a chair to get the shot.

I'm thinking I may just post a photo like this every once in a while... every time the urge to "color-code" hits and the result is pleasing to the eye. :)

I hope you are all having a loverly weekend! I know I am! The temp is currently 43 degrees (after getting up to only 12 degrees the other day) and they are calling for 64 BY MONDAY!!!!!! HALLELUJAH the end is in sight!!!!!


PS That little piece of yellow paper at the bottom right of the pic is a piece of "cheese" I felt compelled to make when I saw how neat the paper looked after I had punched several holes... it has since been included in a mini diorama I did to use as an example for an up-coming project. Pics of that to come...


elliott carew said...

you crack me up em...
i do the same thing..i (hazard of years of set decorating and now home decorating) i also, have a problem with arranging books in pleasing stacked groupings (by descending size)..and chachka's grouped by height in odd numbered sets?!..this is usually contained to my own house but, i've actually caught myself heading to someone's mantle or end table to 'arrange' their things cuz what they've done isn't "right" to my eye--gratefully, i'm still self -aware enough to have caught myself and pretended to be just looking..i think their might be a self help group available??! :)

EmeliaRo said...

hahaha!!! I never learned the chachka rule... but I think I do that anyway... you will very seldom find even numbers of anything in my home.
I can just SEE you reaching out to rearrange someone's coffee table books and freezing... slowly pulling your hand back and saying "oh, um, nice books!"
Perhaps we should start some sort of "support group?

"Hi, my name is Emily, and I like things arranged in color order"

(all) "Hi Emily"

"Hi, my name is Elliott and I have to arrange things in hight order, and in odd numbers"

(all) "Hi Elliott"

All we need is a schedule for who will bring the snack and we're all set!

Anonymous said...

You are just like your daughters! You are all too precious for words!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Too funny..but it looks so much better in this orderly fashion. : )