Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday #16"...

Well, it turns out I've been a little less diligent at posting "Peeks at my Pad" than I had planned but FEAR NOT! I shall continue on none-the-less. I've actually had quite a loverly response to it and for those of you who have wondered/asked about snagging the idea for your own blogs, PLEASE DO!!!! I actually started doing this in the hopes that others would get involved and I'd get a peek into some of your cozy dens! The only stipulation I have would be that you've gotta let me know that you're gonna join in so I can sneak a peek!!!

And now, on the the Pad-Peek at hand...

This is a picture of the metal sign I purchased a while back to hang on the wall in the little hallway that leads into our bedroom. I've always loved this phrase and wanted to incorporate it somewhere, somehow, but just wasn't sure how I wanted to do it. I thought about just painting it on the wall or purchasing some of those vinyl wall stickers, but, I was wandering around my local Hobby Lobby*...

*pause for a moment of reflection upon how very STINKIN much I love Hobby Lobby... ok, that's good...

...and I saw this sign. I knew IMMEDIATELY that I had to have it (and the fact that all wall hangings were 50% off that day certainly helped to sweeten the deal).

"Metal sign, you will be MIIINE" I said to myself, and so it was.

I have this thing about having to kiss Gabe goodnight as the very last thing I do before going to sleep but I had to amend that practice due to the fact that I ALWAYS put chapstick on before bed and Gabe HATES Chapstick with a passion. So now it's

"Always kiss me goodnight... right before I put on my chapstick"



PS TOMORROW is the drawing for the big giveaway so if you haven't commented yet, hop back a few days to the "Drumrolllll pleeeeease" post and leave a comment before midnight tonight (Centra/Standard time) so you can get in on the fun!!!


susie said...

At my wedding (almost 16 years ago) my great Uncle Harold gave Tom and I this advice, "no matter what, you always make sure you kiss each other good night." We have never forgotten that, and I think of old Uncle Harold every time I see a sign like that.

Vita said...

That's a cute sign :)
Jody hates chapstick too...but I can't stop using it! hehe