Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OK, so I'll admit it...

...there aren't many areas in my life where I need things to be "just so". Sadly, I can survive pretty well amidst chaos, and I can typically walk past a sink full of dishes several times before the urge to empty the sink "washes" over me (pun FULLY intended).


...where color is concerned, I will admit that I do have some O.C.D. tendencies.

I have this thing about what colors are neutral and what are not. I am being COMPLETELY SERIOUS when I tell you that I TRULY believe that red is, and should be considered by all, to be a neutral color. I base my entire theory on the fact that I have a pair of red shoes that I would not hesitate to wear with any and every single article of clothing/outfit I own. Makes sense to me. The same principle applies to the color green, for the very same reasons.

Orange can be considered neutral but only within very specific parameters and involving only certain shades.

Blue, on the other hand, is not neutral. Don't ask me why.

I also have this thing where I am always arranging things in color order according to my good buddy "Roy G. Biv", otherwise know as "the acronym for the order of colors in the spectrum of light"...

R: Red
O: Orange
Y: Yellow

G: Green

B: Blue
I: Indigo
V: Violet

...the above principle is demonstrated by my arrangement of a handful of peanut M&M's I was snacking on as my brother Chris and I watched Paramore music videos on youtube (while our mom watched out kids in the next room)...To be totally honest, I don't think I even realized I had arranged them that way till Chris saw them, then looked at me and just said:


Ya. seriously.

My shelf of cd's is the same way... not arranged in alphabetical order, or by genre of music... but by album spine color...This "issue" of mine does not keep me from functioning normally throughout society (normal is really quite an obscure term if you really wanna get down to it), and I don't have the feeling something terrible will happen if I don't arrange my nail polish collection in proper color order.

I just do it... automatically.

Seeing colors arranged as God intended (ie: rainbows and boxes of markers) makes me happy. It's like something in the very center of my being smiles for a bit, taking a moment to savor the way the colors just look right when they are arranged properly, all this taking place in the split second before I am snapped back to reality, remembering that I have a sink full of dirty dishes calling my name.



Mom said...

So...7 M&Ms on a Christmas tree cookie with the M's facedown, the yellow M&M at the top and only 2 other M&M colors repeating doesn't seem so out-of-the-ordinary, now...does it...

Desiree Fawn said...

Mmm, I also love to arrange by colour ^_^ Very pretty.

susie said...

Too funny. I would have never noticed they were in rainbow order, but something about it just looks so "right." Take care and have a good one.

Michele said...

That's fantastic! I love that you arranged your cd collection by color.
It's beautiful.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Emily, you made my day. I too organize my M&Ms before eating them, and I too own red shoes (actually two pairs, one for summer and one for winter). However, whereas my husband thinks that the red shoes go with everything I own, I feel self-conscious, and don;t wear them all the time. You have me beat though, CDs organized by spine color.

Very very interesting Miss EMMM!! (BTW, I came over from MissPlumes')

EmeliaRo said...

Mom: The difference between me and you in this arena though, is that I do not have a PANIC ATTACK if for some reason, I cannot organize things in color order... it's not so much a matter of being out of the ordinary or not... but rather, now, I know where my compulsion comes from :)

Ms. Fawn: I love that you spell it "colour" instead of "color" :)

susie: They DO look right don't they!!!

Michele: So much of my music is acquired and listened to online that I don't typically actually use my cds anymore... I had to make sure they were visually appealing as they aren't often shuffled around and I walk by that shelf all the time :)

MrsLittleJeans: WELCOME!!! So you've come over from Miss Jillian's blog eh!? You couldn't have come from a more loverly place!!! Isn't she just a PEACH!!!??
I say WEAR the red shoes with ANYTHING!!! Once you do it a few times, you'll find that you won't be so conscious about it :) I actually fibbed when I said I had "a" pair of red shoes... in reality, I have 5 (well, to be fair, one pair is half pink, half red) :) The fact is, you can get away with whatever you THINK you can get away with where fashion is concerned :)

Anonymous said...

Red is a basic color. It gives a pop of color to every outfit you wear. The spring fashion magazines are showing red shoes with everything!

Vita said...

Emily, I just love how your visual outlook is based on rainbows and red shoes!!! 2 of the most cheerful things I could think of!! ;) And I love your colour-coding acronym "Roy G. Biv"!! lol! I'm used to working with "RGB" for work and school (as this is the colour-based theorum for using imagery that I work with)...but your method sounds like much more fun!!! heheh