Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday #12"...

This week, I thought I'd give you a peek into the cupboard where I keep all my dishes. I have parts of several different sets but over time my goal is to have given some of them away and simultaneously acquired several other random pieces so that I will end up with a full set of dishes where NOTHING matches (but all "coordinate")'s quite an exciting concept really :)

You will also see down in the bottom right corner that I stash a tiny bottle of baby lotion to be used for my post-dish-washing hands.

October through March + lack of a dishwasher = dry, itchy, crackly, and sad little hands. I hate math.

It is currently 14 degrees outside so if it's chilly wherever you are, grab a blanket, make yourself some tea (my tea of choice for the time being is Cranberry Pomegranate green) and have a lovely Thursday!!!


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I am enjoying some hot chocolate from starbucks does that count?? I had some given to me as a gift, YUMMY...... I love your ventures thru your house.... very interesting!!!!