Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday #4...

Well, for this weeks installment of "Peek at my Pad", I thought I'd show off my pair of lovely shelves that stand quite stately in my tiny upstairs living room. It can really hardly be called a living room, but more the "room you first enter when you come in the front door and pass thru to get either upstairs or downstairs" (where the "real" living room is). Perhaps I shall start referring to it as my "parlor"...hmmm... I much prefer the sound of that. So, in my "parlor" you will find a rickety flea market table upon which sits our stereo system and several family photos, one chair (which has become more of a place to toss coats rather than have a seat), and these 2 bookcases. I actually had to lay on the floor in order to get the camera far back enough to get the shelves and artwork above photographed in their entirety (hence the tootsies in the shot). I love these shelves as they were actually the first 2 pieces of furniture I actually picked out for myself as an adult. Aside from the 2 baskets that house a number of things that are meant to be out of sight, there isn't anything on any of the shelves that isn't meaningful of purposeful in some way or another. The items are as follows...

I'm not an avid reader (like I wish I was) but I do love flipping thru home decor books and the ones I love most find their home here. Another book is the "Spotter's Guide to Stains" (if you even need to know how to get urine out of carpet, you need only ask). As far as novels go, Frank Peretti is an author I really enjoy and I have a few of his books here. One in particular is entitled "This Present Darkness" which was good enough on it's own, but after reading the book I was quite flabbergasted to find out the inspiration for this book was actually a small town not too far from where i live here in Iowa (I'll tell you about it some other time - it's CRAZY!)

I love pictures and picture frames and these shelves house just a few of my favorites (really all the pictures around my house are my favorites as I wouldn't frame any that weren't). One is a picture of Gabe kissing my belly when I was 8 or so months pregnant with Isabel. Another is a family picture we had taken shortly after Isabel was born. The 3rd is a picture of my grandma in her Navy uniform when she was in her 20's - my mom looks SO much like her in that picture. I also keep our wedding album here. The girls like to look through it often and almost every time, Isabel asks why she isn't in any of the pictures. :)

Some other things are some old books I acquired after my grandma passed away, a few little elephants (2 Gabe brought back from a missions trip to Africa and a 3rd made out of hardware - nails for tusks and such), a geode sawed in half that Gabe's rock-hound-grandma gave him years ago, a full box of .32 short colt "kleanbore" ACTUAL lead bullets (fear not for they are up high enough out of the reach of tiny fingers) in their original packaging (not sure what year they're from but they're quite old), and an OLD Prince Albert pipe tobacco tin, full of antique buttons.

Beyond the shelves themselves, I have some of my brother Matt's artwork featured above. The 2 wire sculptures on top of the shelves are some he made in high school, and the framed piece on the wall was part of the study he did for a piece he made in College entitled "Turn or Burn". We are not Catholic, but he attended a Catholic university on a full ride soccer scholarship where he then majored in Art and minored in Theology. It made for quite an interesting 4 years. I'm sure I'll talk about him more at some point. He is just starting out in his new art endeavors (where he has actually managed to merge both his fields of study into one fascinating career) and doesn't have his website set up yet. As soon as he does, I'll be sure to give you a link.

I almost didn't include this picture as I hate that the walls are still so stark and white but I am planning on painting them sometime soon(ish), as evidenced by the paint color swatches taped to the wall on the left. I think I've actually narrowed it down... Any volunteer's to come help??? I'll make peach tea and lasaaagne...mmm...

Fall has flung and I hope you are all enjoying it to the fullest, for though snow may not be around the corner for you wherever you are, I fear it will be here before I know it! Ah well, snow is just as good an excuse to wear a scarf as any!



Meredith Wright said...

Hey Emily! Love your blog! Are those your converse in the pic? I have about 3 pairs in different colors and love them! : ) We seem to have very similar styles! Can't wait for my new ring!

carriex3 said...

Fun, the shelves have great, "scale", and shape, VERY cool................ Unique mix of items, LOVE that!!!
As for colors, love the "greens" on the wall, I'm sure any of them would be great in the parlor:)

Becky said...

You had me at 'lasaagna'. I'll be right over! :D

Love all that sentimentality stuffed full in your bookcases. Nice!