Saturday, October 4, 2008

The goods...

I just wanted to take a sec to show off a new piece of mine I'm quite proud of. I decided, back when I first starting making jewelry, that my barometer for whether I was happy with the direction my work was taking would be that "if I love each and every piece so much that I have a strong desire to keep each one for myself" that I'd be heading in the right direction. I don't ever want to get stale or complacent about my work and if during the "making" process, if I can already sense that I'm not gonna be thrilled with the result of any given piece, I either take it in a different direction than I had planned, or I don't finish it. I think that is exactly where the idea for these faceted blobs came from.. a piece that was not shaping up to be very exciting that needed a little "somethin-somethin" extra. Wa-la. This time my "barometer" actually kinda backfired though... like I'm pretty sure I'm actually gonna keep this one for myself. :)


PS If you're wondering what's with the goofy pose in the pic, I was just trying to display the ring and simultaneously conceal the ghastly blemish protruding from my forehead... I'm 28 for pete's sake! ENOUGH already with the zits! (thankfully, my 4 year old niece helps to encourage me not to mess with them by reminding me "not to 'pimp' your pimples"). :)


carriex3 said...

OK, FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't blame you for keeping this, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get something along this line? I may add it to the "christmas" order.
Thanks for your comments, I think people are short sighted on "choice".


The Noisy Plume: said...

You know I love your facets:)