Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall has flung...

It is currently 54 degrees outside and just in case I haven't told you already that fall is my favorite season... FALL IS MY FAVORITE SEASON!!!! and I am so thrilled that it actually, FINALLY feels like fall out there! I'm sure there are several of my townsfolk who think I'm crazy and may or may not have taken down my license plate number, as I have recently stopped in front of several of their houses and rolled down my window to snap pictures of the GORGEOUS trees in their yards... those pictures are as follows..

We pretty much only have evergreens around our house (and the trees that aren't evergreens, don't turn very interesting colors in the fall) so I have essentially been forced to go elsewhere for fall-leaf-color-changing-enjoyment. Ah well, no cops have shown up at my door yet so I'm not too worried.



The Noisy Plume: said...

You need to plant a maple or two in your yard. KABOOM.

Also, had a sweet telly message from you today! Thanks thanks thanks. It got me through the afternoon in glad spirits (once I listened to it). And you may officially inform Gabe that the RW has bagged a buck:)


Becky said...

Oh wow, that last pic is amazing!! Stunning pinks! You should make those into postcards or something and 'etsy-fy' them.

Just came back from a trip to Glencoe, and the views were stunning, I've never seen so much colour here! I'll have to post some pics on my blog.