Monday, October 13, 2008

Do blondes really have more fun???...

This statement has always perplexed me a bit as I have never been blonde myself, but I usually have quite a bit of fun. Going completely blonde is not now, nor will it ever be an option for me, as I can only imagine the levels of "completely washed out" I would achieve. Personally, I'm not big on "highlights" but I do like to mix it up a little from time to time. This picture is from a few years ago (Lillie and me after getting our hair fixed for my sister's wedding) when I had my bangs blonde.I loved the way it looked but after having it done a few times, I started to notice that my hair was breaking off pretty badly. Ever since then, I decided that if some of my hair was gonna break off, it may as well be underneath where no one would notice :)

This pic was taken just the other day after a recent touch-up job.Thank you Miss Whitney, for keepin me perdy.

I am always amazed at the number of women who (OBVIOUSLY) dye their hair but are adamantly opposed to admitting to it, (kinda like those women who won't admit how old they are). I am not ashamed to say that I regularly get my hair dyed for a few reasons...

#1. I prefer how my hair looks when it is a bit darker than my natural shade

#2. It's fun


#3. To cover the grey.

Yes, I said GREY. I am 28 years old and I have had the silvery strands gracing my head since the first one showed up when I was 13 years old (THANKS DAD). Now, please don't misunderstand, I am not embarrassed by them in the LEAST, rather, I just don't care for how they look. I think once I am a bit older and I have larger sections of grey, I will most likely embrace them and allow them the shine through in all their glory, but for now, they gotta go.

I'm curious, what's the craziest/furthest from "au-natural" thing you've ever done to your hair???



carriex3 said...

YOur highlights are FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Both a few years ago, and now....

Desiree Fawn said...

I am a born blond & have been living my life as someone with black & dark brown hair for about 6 years :D