Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday #2...

Happy Thursday everyone!

This week for my "Peek at my Pad" post, I've decided to keep within my bedroom sanctuary, as it is one of the only rooms in my house that is all painted and situated (for the most part) the way I'd like it. I'll branch out soon but for now, it's the most inspiring spot in my house.As with almost everywhere else in my home, my bedroom is no different in that, anywhere you look, you can get a pretty good idea of what color families I tend to gravitate toward. :) My brother Matthew gave me the big round mirror hanging on the wall... and come to think of it, he has given me many of the mirrors in my home, which is interesting as we always give him a hard time about his inability to pass by a mirror without taking time to stare at himself for a bit. :) (I love you man!) Mirrors are things I really enjoy decorating with. Like the plates I talked about last week, mirrors are thigs that I didn't realize just how many I had till I actually took time to look around. I even have one hanging above my stove in an effort to try to make my "not quite big enough" kitchen look a little larger - that, and I can spy on the kids while they're eating even with my back to them. :) I'm sure many more mirrors will be showing up in my "Pad pics" in the weeks to come.

I felt like it would be cheating to use this picture for my "pad pic" as it is very similar to one from my sushi post a while back, but I had to show off what I had for breakfast...Every year for my birthday, my mom makes me my VERY most favorite dessert - it is SOOOO delicious. Not too sweet, made from scratch, best when chilled...mmmmmmm...Chocolate chip brownie torte. And every year, I have some for breakfast the day after my birthday. :) Today was "torte for breakfast" day and I was in heaven. The green glass was part of the gift from my parents (thanks Mom and Dad!) and I can already tell they are going to make my daily water drinking a little more tolerable :)



carriex3 said...

Fun, love that you are in the mirror, is that laundry behind you?
The color and scale of things is great in your room:)

Becky said...

OMG what a CUTE room! I love it!! I would love to have wee fairy lights draped around my headboard, but unfortch my DH would never go for it. Boo! And what's better than torte for brekkie?? Except myabe icecream and sheet cake, my personal fav :D

elliott carew said...

just checked in..happy birthday my dear!!
love your place..great use of glad to hear i'm not the only one that eats cake for breakfast ( usually with my head hidden in the fridge so my kids don't see!) ..LOVE that your starbuck's barrista is close enough to personalize your cup!! that's awesome!

happy day!!

The Noisy Plume: said...

To my favorite twin:

1. Sorry I missed the Peek at my Pad day AGAIN. Please remind me next week that I am INDEED taking part in these shenanigans.

2. We could make very happy roommates someday since we both like to spazz out to color (and we have matching blood red livingrooms...).