Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Green thumbs and Grandpa...

So I would have to say that I'm pretty notorious for killing plants. I always start off well, with the greatest of intentions and the prettiest of pots, but for some strange reason, my "green thumb" has been replaced by the kiss of death. Sigh. Oh how I long for my home to be filled with greenery, perking up the decor, and exhaling oxygen just as God created intended. Sadly, my plants typically last only as long as they can cling to life through my sporadic bouts of over or under-watering.

That being said, I just had to post a picture of one of the exceptions to the rule in my home... After my grandfather passed away on October 28th, 2003, I received a large and lovely Easter/Resurrection Lily. I took it home and, like every other plant, I was thinking that I'd try to enjoy it for as long as possible till the Lily's withered and all the leaves fell off. The funeral had taken place on November 1st, and on the 7th, I was in the hospital, giving birth to my middle little lady, Isabel. As you may surmise, I was quite busy taking care of a new baby and a toddler, so plant maintenance was not top priority. However, to my surprise, the plant seemed to hang in there, and even thrive, despite my neglect! In a little over a month from now, this plant will be 5 years old (as will my Isabel!) and for the first time in a LONG time, it has sprouted it's lovely lilys again.There's not a day that goes by that I don't look at that plant and think of my Grandpa. I'm thankful that God has helped it to survive (as I CERTAINLY cannot take the credit) and even more so, that I have such a beautiful bit of His creation to serve as a reminder of my Grandfather and everything he means to me.(Grandpa was notorious for writing EVERYTHING down - even going so far as to have a calendar designated solely for marking down the high and low temperatures for each and every day of the year. This was a photo taken by my Grandma while the two of them were on their honeymoon. This is what Grandpa wrote on the back of the photo...

"Yours truly, Marlow, taken in Grant Park while I was changing film in my camera. The stinker! Chicago, Ill. 9-20-1947"

What a handsome fellow).


The Noisy Plume: said...

Sooooo handsome.

It makes me want to cry that men don't dress like this anymore. Actually, the casual state of our society makes me glum. I wish girls still wore heels and dresses on all occasions (and of course, men, their ties, bow ties and high waisted slacks). I miss the ladylike demeanor that our culture used to embrace.

I was born into the wrong era.

EmeliaRo said...

I know what you mean - whatever happened to at least taking a little bit of PRIDE in how you look!!???

I for one am glad you were born when you were! I would miss you if you weren't :)

carriex3 said...

Very sweet, touching post:)